A 10-digit long code (known as 10DLC (opens in a new tab)) is a long number designed for business messaging in the US. 10DLC requires a special registration process and must be compliant with US messaging guidelines. It was developed as a substitute for businesses that were using P2P numbers for A2P messaging.

You should consider using 10DLC if you are currently:

  • Getting started with messaging and want to see how SMS in the US can help your business
  • Sharing the use of a short code either for multiple, different use cases, or with other businesses
  • Using a long code (also known as a virtual mobile number) to send P2P messages
  • Using a short code but not getting the value from it based on cost

Infobip as 10DLC provider

Within the 10DLC ecosystem, Infobip is a single-stop shop, providing the following services.

10DLC service typeInfobip 10DLC service
Number procurementYou can buy numbers in Infobip or over the API. For more information, see Numbers.
Campaign and brand registrationYou can submit your Brand and Campaign information in Infobip. The Infobip team ensures your Brand and Campaign are registered with the mobile network operators and The Campaign Registry (TCR). Infobip is registered as a Campaign Service Provider (CSP) with TCR.
ConnectivityYou can send and receive SMS and MMS messages over Infobip. Infobip is registered as a Direct Connect Aggregator (DCA) with TCR. Find more information, see Send an SMS message.
Brand vettingYou can send a request to vet your Brand. For more information, see Brand vetting.

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