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Collect Customer Feedback

Flow use case - Collect Customer Feedback - high-level overview

Direct customer feedback is a great guideline to follow to improve your product and grow your business. Be aware of what people think and encourage them to share their experience and give feedback. Use a survey Flow to know what your customers think of your service or product.

Process Workflow

Flow use case - Collect Customer Feedback - process workflow


Steps over Web Interface

1. Log in to the Infobip web interface, navigate to the Communicate module, click CREATE FLOW, and then click Start from Scratch.

2. Select a One-time audience, and Start building.

4. Set your audience by entering the name of a segment or a tag, such as "My audience"

Flow use case - Collect Customer Feedback - set audience

5. Select the right-facing arrow on the One-time audience element and choose a communication channel (e.g., SMS)

6. Fill in the Data Required for the channel you choose.

For example, SMS:

  • Choose From (the sender you wish to use).
  • Enter Content, maybe something like “Hi {firstname}, how do you like our product from 1 to 5?“

Flow use case - Collect Customer Feedback - send SMS

7. Click the arrow to add the Evaluate inbound message element.

8. Set an Evaluate Inbound Message element.

  • Select a Channel you used to send the first message.
  • Choose To (we recommend you use the same number you used to send the first message).
  • Set Conditions. In this example, where you expect grades from 1 to 5, the conditions should be set like this:
    1. IF… keyword is 1
    2. IF… keyword is 2
    3. IF… keyword is 3
    4. IF… keyword is 4
    5. IF… keyword is 5
    6. IF… any keyword

Flow use case - Collect Customer Feedback - inbound message

9. Click the arrow from the Keyword is 1 and click the Add Tag element.

10. Set an Add Tag element.

  1. Click Create Tag and enter a name that will be used to tag unsatisfied customers.
  2. Once you enter a name, the tag will be added at the top to the Selected Tags (multiple tags can be used).

11. Connect the arrow from Keyword is 2, click the Add Tag element and add the Unsatisfied tag.

12.  Click the arrow from Keyword is 3, click the Add Tag element and add the Neutral tag.

13.  Click the arrow from Keyword is 4, click Add Tag element and add the Satisfied tag.

14.  Connect the arrow from Keyword is 5 element to Satisfied tag element.

Flow use case - Collect Customer Feedback - add tag

15. For the In case of any other keyword element, click the arrow and select a communication channel (e.g., SMS). 

Repeat step 6 and fill the From field and the message content. For example, you can enter: "Sorry, we didn't understand your reply. Please reply with a value from 1-5."

Flow use case - Collect Customer Feedback - send SMS

16. When done, connect this element to the Evaluate inbound message element to wait for the valid reply from your end user.

Flow use case - Collect Customer Feedback - customer reply


You can continue to branch your Flow, by adding a "Thank you for your feedback" message on each tag. For example, select the arrow on Satisfied tag element, choose SMS, and define From and Content. This means when your end user rates you with 4 or 5 they will receive a thank you note. You can do the same with unsatisfied and neutral end users.

17. Select Validate (the flow won't launch when you click this) or schedule the Flow to be launched in the future by clicking Schedule.

18. If you did everything correctly, you will see a summary screen with the LAUNCH button (if scheduling is not set) or LAUNCH (if scheduling is set).

Flow use case - Collect Customer Feedback - launch campaign


Set an additional entry point for customers that are not in your segment or tag. By doing this you will send a survey to your one-time audience that you created in the Target module, but will also enable other customers that send a message to your number to participate in the survey. You can do much more, for example, target the customers who were tagged as Satisfied and ask them to leave a recommendation or like your social media page.

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