Data Export

Business users and analysts prefer to have access to all of the data so that they can enrich and compare, dig into it for valuable insights. We want to support this flow to exchange data between Infobip and customers’ systems and make it seamless.

  • Go to Analyze – click the Export tab and configure the export destination to which you want to upload the report files.
  • We currently support FTP and SFTP. Our recommendation is, however, to use SFTP to ensure a high standard of data safety and security.

If you want to use FTP, please note that FTP active mode is not supported because it needs to pass through a NAT and proxy.

Data export options

Once you fill and save the configuration setup, we will validate the connection in the background. In case of a successful validation, the configuration will get the green OK status. Otherwise, you would see ERROR and information about the possible reason, when you hover your mouse over status.


You can increase the security of transfer by limiting IP addresses that are able to connect to your FTP/SFTP. We recommend to configure default firewall policy to deny connections except these IP addresses used by our platform:


Export using that configuration is then available during report creation in the Reports section.

Select export option

Once generated, the report file will automatically be uploaded to your server. From there, you can import it into your system or run any operations to process machine-friendly data.

Of course, this also works for recurring reports, created daily, weekly, or monthly.

Learn more about Reports.