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Signals is a tool for detecting artificially created traffic employed in various fraudulent scenarios that ultimately result in inflated costs. The screenshot below provides an overview of the Signals high-level solution based on the following steps:

  1. Users initiate One-Time PIN (OTP) (opens in a new tab), and some of them are fraudulent.
  2. Client sends a request to Infobip to send OTP to a defined destination - MSISDN (via Voice, SMS).
  3. Signals Analysis engine checks for anomaly patterns and registers the event if something is found.
  4. Message is further processed by our CPaaS platform. Infobip delivers OTP to a defined destination and logs transaction and delivery status codes or blocks transactions if the Score threshold is above the target.
  5. All messages that were blocked have been logged and can be viewed in the customer portal.
Signals - High level solution

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