Case Study Show: Students Solve the Puzzle of Success

Once again we’ve boarded on an exciting project with talented students and leading international companies, creating challenging opportunities for young people to tackle real business cases, just like those that companies handle in their everyday operations.

Case Study Show is an educational, competitive event traditionally hosted by Belgrade’s Faculty of Organisational Sciences, and we’re always happy to participate. It’s an interesting way for students to gain practical experience and meet the managers of the world’s top companies such as Nestle, Henkel, Coca – Cola and many more.

Each of the partner companies on the project challenged four groups of students with a specific business case to solve. Each group submitted a written paper and presented their solution to the company jury, which decided on the winners.

Infobip’s assignment involved developing a marketing strategy for one of our mobile applications, innovative in both its concept and the prospective business model.

Our winning team, Puzzle team, was very eloquent – they prepared a great presentation, showing lots of dedication and a proactive attitude. Acting as a real business team, they developed a great strategy which was reflected in their superb presentation flow, allowing no room for uncertainty or doubt.

Their presentation was fresh and innovative, and hopefully an official Infobip diploma and gadgets awarded to the winners will be of great help in their future personal and professional growth.

– We are trying to encourage students to get involved in a variety of projects and case studies that will give them opportunities to show their potential, but also to better understand the companies and businesses they will be looking towards after graduation. Having first-hand information and experience with these companies can certainly help them decide which path to take in their career development, says Martin Pelemis, human resources manager in Infobip.

Also, it’s important for companies to help them build personal and professional skills which they can use in their careers someday.

–  We believe that the investment in knowledge pays the best interest, both for students and businesses. Case Study Show allowed us to invite some of the students to join our company, so they can make most of their career with Infobip, said Martin. Teaming with his HR colleague Marija Holjevac, they gave their best to introduce students to our company, products and culture. Milan Djordjevic, Maja Perovic, Ugljesa Eric, Vladimir Cotric and Veljko Maracic all provided a helping hand by being on the jury and evaluating the submitted work.

May 21st, 2014
2 min read