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Getting started

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To use any Infobip product, you need to sign up (opens in a new tab) for a free account. See Create an Account for more details.

Free trial

Once you create an account, you are automatically enrolled in a free trial until you run out of allocated free credits.

In addition to your generic free trial package, you can unlock a free trial with Conversations to get additional benefits that reflect what is in the Scale paying plan.

Upgrade to paying account

You can decide to finish the free trial and upgrade your account at any time. Use the Pricing button (top right corner) on the Homepage to view available billing options.

Product setup

To use Conversations, configure your environment. Set up a channel and configure your senders (brand representatives) so that customers can reach out to you.

Minimum prerequisites:

Queues and routingare optional functionalities:

You can skip this section if you just need to manage conversation threading.


Contact your account manager or our Sales team (opens in a new tab) to get more information about the product utilization.

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