Any enterprise, financial institution, developer, retailer and marketer can easily reach their customers with professional SMS. All it takes is to connect to the Infobip mobile services cloud.

Send SMS messages worldwide through one of the world’s largest proprietary messaging networks, with geo-redundant data centres, in-house developed technologies and 24/7 international support.


A2P SMS for your client communication, online business and apps. High throughput, delivery reports, Unicode and long messages boost customer acquisition, loyalty and security! Enterprise and wholesale offering available.

Reduce costs by resolving portability, validity and roaming status of mobile numbers. Improve the efficiency of your messaging, verification, or routing.

Get a shared or dedicated number to send and receive SMS. Use a fully-featured 2-Way SMS messaging service for communication and interaction with your clients.

Interactive mobile services for your customers. Reaching any mobile phone, USSD communication requires no software installation on the handset.


Choose from powerful SMS APIs, professional database solution, or web and desktop SMS applications. Our white-label solutions enable you to fully customise SMS messaging apps. Give them your brand identity, choose the apps you need. We built it, but it’s a custom touch that makes it your own.

Web-based and standalone SMS messaging applications with global reach and proprietary underlying infrastructure. Real-time reporting, campaign management features, reselling.

Leverage your mobile app user’s personal connections
to deliver download invites via SMS at no great cost.
Try this innovative and cost-effective referral system!

Robust messaging gateway for large enterprises. Delivers automated, real-time, event-based SMS notifications and alerts. Mobile app and email notifications also supported.

Specialised technologies and tools for professional SMS business. Full control and transparency, advanced management panels, reporting mechanisms and billing system entirely under your command.


Worldwide 2-factor authentication for OTT messaging and VoIP apps, paired with number validation to improve conversion rates.

Connect to our mobile services cloud over SMS APIs for seamless, uninterrupted service integration.


Global coverage, direct connections to mobile network operators.

Worldwide distributed data centres, top industry performance.

Choose how to connect to our in-house developed and maintained platform and scale it to your business needs.

Expert support teams speaking 10+ languages make sure your business always runs smoothly.

Connecting to Infobip means connecting to 800+ operators in 190+ countries on all continents.

Superior performance through high-end system management and seamless connectivity.

200+ direct

We own and manage over 200 direct A2P SMS connections to mobile network operators

30 minute

You're up and running in half an hour, regardless of the technology

8000+ SMS
per second

Multiple nodes available for the highest throughput. No traffic rush can take us by surprise.

Excellent terms for wholesale clients.

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