SMS Number Configurations

Once you buy a number, all messages received by that number will be associated with your account, and by default, all these messages can be seen in Logs and Reports under Analyze. However, there are additional actions that can be setup on a number level, that will be triggered every time a message is received.

Forward to HTTP

This action is used in order to forward the received message and its details to an external URL. This allows you to get the message into your platform for further processing.

Forward to SMPP

Same as Forward to HTTP, this action is used to forward the received message to an external platform, however using SMPP protocol.

Forward to Email

Most important parts of the received message (Sender, Receiver, Message text, etc) will be sent to one or multiple email addresses in a form of a human readable table.


If this action is selected, all received messages to this number will be stored in the pull container. Messages can be retrieved from the container by calling the API request.