LINE Notifications Service

LINE Phone Number Push (PNP) or LINE Notifications Service is one of the many features of the LINE Official Account that is exclusively allowed to the limited number of LINE partners. It's indended for sending notifications. This means sending marketing messages is not allowed.

LINE benefits

Your audience doesn't have to subscribed to your LINE Official Account to receive notifications via LINE Notification Service.

Addtional step in the onboarding procedure includes Message Template registration.

Share useful notifications, important updates and reminders or design a creative campaign using all the possibilities of rich content. 

  • Increase customer satisfaction by being present on the communication channel customers prefer.
  • Connect with your customers over LINE directly using their phone number.
  • Tailor your message by building notifications using plain text or rich media.
  • Cultivate an innovative brand image and improve your brand visibility.
  • Build relationships using a more personal tone of voice.
  • Create targeted notifications. Pay only per delivered message.

Service is currently available in Thailand and Taiwan.

LINE Notifications Service allows businesses to interact with their customers in the post purchasing period of their product or service and send a text or rich messages.

LINE Notification Service diagram

LINE Push Notifications only allows transactional messages at the time being. Before sending the messages, approval from the LINE is required and will be handled by dedicated LINE Presales engineers.

Here's how the process flow looks like:

Step 1 –The customer receives the Push notification message first and the LINE Official Account message is displayed at their screen.

Step 2 – Verification process starts.

Step 3 – After successful verification, the message is displayed on the customer's screen.

LINE verification process


The service is available over API only.


The onboarding process is complete the same as LINE Official Account onboarding process with an additional step, sending messages for preview to LINE dedicated teams.

Once the LINE Official Account is created, you will be presented with the details newly created LINE Official Account.

The last step includes connecting it with Infobip platform by setting up webhook in the Messaging API section.

Messaging API


The process is the same for new and existing LINE Official Accounts. The webhook will be provided by Infobip teams along with further instructions that are required to set up the account. The dedicated LINE Presales Engineer can be set as Admin of your LINE Official Account to assist your account setup.

Notification Types

Here are some use cases when you can use the LINE Notification Service.

LINE use case table