Mobile Push and In-App Messages


Reports are available 24/7 via Infobip web interface and provide actionable insights into your activities in real time.

Mobile App Logs

Use logs to quickly search through the communication logs from any desired period.

Search logs by:

  • Accounts
  • Service type (sent messages, received replies from end customers)
  • Filter by receiver (person/device), sender (application), message ID, or campaign name
  • Date

If you add Personalization, you can search messages by phoneNumber, for example. Basically, all messages will be identified and related to the particular user. If data payload (callbackData in API) is used, it’s possible to search by related messages as well.

Mobile App Detailed Reporting

Reporting consists of various features within the web interface where you can monitor, analyze, and get performance reports for campaigns. It provides comprehensive and actionable data of all the users activities.

This insight results in better productivity and increased effectiveness with future campaigns. To better organize and manage reports, you can utilize sorting, filtering, and search features such as:

  • Users and accounts
  • Service, Campaign, Sender, and Template
  • Date range
  • Type: detailed or summary

The web interface allows creation of different report types, including:

  • Detailed – Detailed information for each sent or received message
  • Communication – Detailed information on one or several of your communications
  • Performance – Summarized data for your messages and delivery
  • Financial – Report overview of the expenses for messages

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