Build audience segments for more targeted communication using the available profile information. 

Dynamically segment your audience based on any information, for relevant, contextual targeting. To create a segment directly from filters (Quick or Advanced), click the CREATE SEGMENT button on the Segments page.

You will be able to build personalized communication journeys based on customer behavior data and changes in People profiles. Use dynamic grouping by tracking the changes in conditions (learn more about Custom Attributes). For instance, when you track Total Spending Amount, you may want to create a segment of people who have spent above a certain threshold to send them promotional messages. As soon as a parameter changes to match segment conditions, a person gets added to the segment.

Each segment can have multiple groups and rules. Let’s say we want to create a segment of customers from London, and their preferred time to receive messages is 08:00 AM.

  • Select the City attribute from the list. When you add an attribute, select the operator is and a value to search for - London.
  • Add a new rule by selecting +AND and repeat the same process with theTime group (Time Group is a custom field related to how the customers would like to receive messages).
  • Click CREATE

You can include as many rules as needed. When finished creating the rules, each person who matches these criteria will be included in the segment automatically. 

Create conditions for communication campaigns


To add a new set of rules at any time, select +OR. For example, we could add Madrid in the second set of rules. In this case, everyone that is from either London or Madrid becomes a part of this segment.