tagging persons based on interest and attributesPeople tags are objects that exist on the account level and are applied to any person. Multiple tags can be added to one person, and each tag can contain more than one person. 
A tag becomes handy when you want to group persons according to their specific interest or attribute (i.e. you want to tag all the persons with the label Electronics Wishlist who added items from the electronics category to their wishlist, so you can send them a campaign with special offers sometime in the future).

how to tag people based on interest and attributes

Tags can be created via People API or on our web interface. 

Manage Tags over API

To create and manage tags via People API, use one of the following methods:

Manage Tags over Web Interface

To create a new tag inside the Infobip web interface, select People moduleTAGS CREATE TAG and enter the tag name. Create and assign as many tags as you need.

how to create new tag

On the Tags page you will find a list of all your tags, and a number of persons that belong to that tag. For more details on different persons, click the person card. 

Moreover, you can delete one or more tags by selecting the X button in the right corner of the tag.

Assigning Tags When Importing Contacts 

When you import contacts to the People module, every contact (person) gets a default tag that contains the time and date of the import.

The tags can be managed directly from the import screen. After you import data and select Analyze, you can choose to remove the default tag and assign new ones.

manage tags when importing contacts

Manage Tags in People

Select one or more tags on the side-panel to search for people.

filtering contacts based on tags

You can assign tags to one or more person profiles from the People module screen. If you select a larger audience, you'll see a notification that you're trying to apply a tag to a larger audience.

assigning tags to large audiences


One person can have as many tags as you want. You can assign Tags to persons when importing a file if you want to mark them all at once, or you can do it later after you’ve filtered your data by certain criteria on the People page. Both methods produce the same result.