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Configure inbound calls

Configure inbound calls

Inbound calls are great for having local visibility in various markets around the world. These types of calls are initiated by your customers dialing a voice number. Your business leases this number from Infobip, and Infobip lets you define what should happen with incoming calls.

Voice numbers

Voice numbers are phone numbers that can receive incoming calls on the Infobip platform.

If you plan on using inbound calls, you must have a Voice number. Also, if you want to have a dedicated caller ID with outbound calls, you need a Voice number.

Voice numbers are purchased, or rather, leased from Infobip. You can acquire new numbers from the web interface or API.


If your account balance is low, top up your account using payments.

Set up inbound call actions

Inbound call actions can be set up over the web interface (under Number details in Channels and Numbers) or API.


A voice number can have only one voice action at a time.

The available actions are:

  • Forward to a Phone Number – Forward all incoming calls to your business phone number.
  • Trigger Number Masking – This is a special case of forwarding a call to a phone number. The number Infobip forwards the call to as well as the caller ID to be displayed to this recipient are defined in a response Infobip receives from your platform as an answer to our number masking API request. The Number Masking feature guarantees security and anonymity. See Number Masking for more details.
  • Use Conversations – Forwards all incoming calls to Infobip Conversations, and makes this number available for outbound calling by Conversations agents.
  • Forward to Subscription – When developing your own voice configuration using Infobip Calls API, forwards all incoming calls to your configuration.
  • Forward to Call Routing – Forwards all incoming calls to Infobip Call Routing. This action can either include the designation of a specific route to be executed, either no state any particular route in which case Call Routing will search for any route with matching filter criteria.
  • Forward to IVR - Forwards all incoming calls to an IVR scenario. This action can be configured via Numbers API.
  • No Action – The incoming call does not trigger any configuration, nor will it be forwarded.

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