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Speech Languages reference

Speech Languages reference

This reference lists the supported languages for:

Text-to-speech languages

For text-to-speech conversion, we offer more than 100 languages and accents. For each supported languages, we may offer different voices from a gender perspective as well as from a quality perspective (standard versus neural).

Standard voices

  • Traditionally, these are based on concatenative synthesis, where speech is generated by stringing together short recorded audio samples of a human speaker. This method relies on a vast library of spoken words, syllables, or phonemes.
  • The speech produced is clear and intelligible, but it can sometimes lack the natural fluidity and intonation of human speech. It may sound more robotic or synthetic, particularly in how it handles intonation, stress, and rhythm.
  • Standard voices have no usage charges
Deprecation of Microsoft Azure standard voices

Microsoft is setting an end of service on all its standard voices by end of August 2024. If you are using any standard voice from where Microsoft Azure is the provider, you may either chose to switch to another equivalent standard voice from Google or Amazon, either adopt the new Microsoft neural voices. Note that:

Not all Microsoft standard voices have an equivalent with Google or Amazon

Microsoft Neural voices are subject to usage charges

Neural voices

  • These utilize advanced machine learning models, particularly neural networks, to synthesize speech. This method involves training the model on large datasets of recorded speech, enabling it to learn and mimic the nuances of human speech.
  • They offer a more natural, lifelike speech quality, closely mimicking the subtleties of human expression, emotion, and accent. The flow of speech is smoother, and it's better at handling complex intonations and varying speech patterns.
  • Neural voices are charged by character
Access to Neural voices

Neural voices will gradually be automatically enabled on exiting Infobip accounts between mid March 2024 and end of April 2024.

If you require access to neural voices starting March 13th but before your account is automatically enabled, please reach out to your account manager or to Infobip support.

SSML support

SSML stands for Speech Synthesis Markup Language. It serves as a powerful tool to finely tune the text-to-speech synthesis process. With SSML, you gain the ability to infuse synthesized speech with natural-sounding inflections, emphasis, pauses, and other speech characteristics. This control allows you to tailor the output to match your unique requirements and create more engaging and lifelike voice experiences for your users.

Infobip supports SSML for :

  • Google and Amazon Polly standard voices
  • Microsoft Azure neural voices

Microsoft Azure standard voices do not support SSML.

Here is the list of supported tags that can be used across voice API products:

    <speak> - Identifying SSML-enhanced text
    <break /> - Adding a pause 
    <say‑as> - Controlling how special types of words are spoken
    <p> - Adding a pause between paragraphs
    <s> - Adding a pause between sentences
    <emphasis> - Emphasizing words
    <sub> - Pronouncing acronyms and abbreviations
    <phoneme> - Using phonetic pronunciation
    <prosody> - Controlling volume, speaking rate, and pitch

Google, Amazon, and Microsoft offer other SSML tags, such as paraudioseq, and so on, but they are not supported in this current implementation.

This is an example of an SSML-enhanced tag text used in a Voice Message API: SSML in a Voice Message API

    "text": "<speak>Hello. This is a test message sent from <emphasis level=\"strong\">Infobip Voice Message API</emphasis>. Your confirmation code is <say-as interpret-as=\"spell-out\">12345</say-as>.</speak>"

For more information about the complete syntax of these SSML tags, see:

SSML characters in neural voices

When using neural voices, SSML characters are part of the total count of characters submitted for synthesis.


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
ArabicarFemaleHoda Azure - Standard
ArabicarMaleNaayf Azure - Standard
ArabicarFemaleZeina Amazon Polly - Standard
ArabicarFemaleAisha (beta) Google - Standard
ArabicarMaleFarooq (beta)Google - Standard
ArabicarMaleHussein (beta) Google - Standard
ArabicarFemaleAmal (beta) Google - Standard
ArabicarFemaleSalma (neural) Azure - Neural
ArabicarMaleShakir (neural) Azure - Neural
ArabicarFemaleZariyah (neural) Azure - Neural
ArabicarMaleHamed (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
BengalibnMaleSayan (beta)Google - Standard
BengalibnFemaleSushmita (beta) Google - Standard
BengalibnFemaleTanishaa (neural) Azure - Neural
BengalibnMaleBashkar (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
BulgarianbgMaleIvanAzure - Standard
BulgarianbgFemaleKalina (neural) Azure - Neural
BulgarianbgMaleBorislav (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
CatalancaFemaleConchita Amazon Polly - Standard
CatalancaFemaleHerena Azure - Standard
CatalancaFemaleJoana (neural) Azure - Neural
CatalancaMaleEnric (neural) Azure - Neural
CatalancaFemaleAlba (neural) Azure - Neural

Chinese (Simplified)

LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnFemaleHuihui Azure - Standard
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnMaleKangkang Azure - Standard
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnFemaleYaoyao Azure - Standard
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnFemaleZhiyu Amazon Polly - Standard
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnFemaleAkemi (beta)Google - Standard
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnMaleChen (beta) Google - Standard
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnMaleHuang (beta) Google - Standard
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnFemaleLiu (beta) Google - Standard
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnMaleWang (beta) Google - Standard
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnMaleZhang (beta) Google - Standard
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnFemaleLin (beta) Google - Standard
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnFemaleXiaoxiao (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnMaleYunxi (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnMaleYunjian (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnFemaleXiaoyi (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnMaleYunyang (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnFemaleXiaochen (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnFemaleXiaohan (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnFemaleXiaomeng (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnFemaleXiaomo (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnFemaleXiaoqiu (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnFemaleXiaorui (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnFemaleXiaoyan (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnFemaleXiaozhen (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnMaleYunfeng (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnMaleYunhao (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnMaleYunxia (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnMaleYunye (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnMaleYunze (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnFemaleXiaorou (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Simplified)zh-cnMaleYunjie (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Traditional)zh-twFemaleHanhan Azure - Standard
Chinese (Traditional)zh-twFemaleYatingAzure - Standard
Chinese (Traditional)zh-twMaleZhiwei Azure - Standard
Chinese (Traditional)zh-twFemaleHiuMaan (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Traditional)zh-twMaleWanLung (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Traditional)zh-twFemaleHiuGaai (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Traditional)zh-twFemaleHsiaoChen (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Traditional)zh-twMaleYunJhe (neural) Azure - Neural
Chinese (Traditional)zh-twFemaleHsiaoYu (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
CroatianhrMaleMatejAzure - Standard
CroatianhrFemaleGabrijela (neural) Azure - Neural
CroatianheMaleSrecko (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
CzechcsMaleJakubAzure - Standard
CzechcsFemaleVlasta (neural) Azure - Neural
CzechcsMaleAntonin (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
DanishdaFemaleHelle Azure - Standard
DanishdaMaleMads Amazon Polly - Standard
DanishdaFemaleNajaAmazon Polly - Standard
DanishdaFemaleChristel (neural) Azure - Neural
DanishdaMaleJeppe (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
DutchnlFemaleHanna Azure - Standard
DutchnlFemaleLotteAmazon Polly - Standard
DutchnlMaleRuben Amazon Polly - Standard
DutchnlFemaleFenna (neural) Azure - Neural
DutchnlMaleMaarten (neural) Azure - Neural
DutchnlFemaleColette (neural) Azure - Neural






Default voice

Voice provider

EnglishenMaleBenjamin Azure - Standard
EnglishenMaleGuy Azure - Standard
EnglishenFemaleIvy Amazon Polly - Standard
EnglishenFemaleJane Azure - Standard
EnglishenFemaleJessica Azure - Standard
EnglishenFemaleJoannaAmazon Polly - Standard
EnglishenMaleJoey Amazon Polly - Standard
EnglishenMaleJustin Amazon Polly - Standard
EnglishenFemaleKendra Amazon Polly - Standard
EnglishenFemaleKimberly Amazon Polly - Standard
EnglishenMaleMatthew Amazon Polly - Standard
EnglishenFemaleSalli Amazon Polly - Standard
EnglishenFemaleZira Azure - Standard
EnglishenFemaleAva (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenMaleAndrew (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenFemaleEmma (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenMaleBrian (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenFemaleJenny (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenMaleGuy (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenFemaleAria (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenMaleDavis (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenFemaleJane (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenMaleJason (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenFemaleSara (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenMaleTony (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenFemaleNancy (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenFemaleAmber (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenFemaleAshley (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenMaleBrandon (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenMaleChristopher (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenFemaleCora (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenFemaleElizabeth (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenMaleEric (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenMaleJacob (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenFemaleMichelle (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenFemaleMonica (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenMaleRoger (neural) Azure - Neural
EnglishenMaleSteffan (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Australian)en-auFemaleCatherine Azure - Standard
English (Australian)en-auFemaleHayley Azure - Standard
English (Australian)en-auFemaleNicoleAmazon Polly - Standard
English (Australian)en-auMaleRussell Amazon Polly - Standard
English (Australian)en-auFemaleNatasha (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Australian)en-auMaleWilliam (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Australian)en-auFemaleAnnette (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Australian)en-auFemaleCarly (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Australian)en-auMaleDarren (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Australian)en-auMaleDuncan (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Australian)en-auFemaleElsie (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Australian)en-auFemaleFreya (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Australian)en-auFemaleJoanne (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Australian)en-auMaleKen (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Australian)en-auFemaleKim (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Australian)en-auMaleNeil (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Australian)en-auMaleTim (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Australian)en-auFemaleTina (neural) Azure - Neural
English (British)en-gbFemaleAmyAmazon Polly - Standard
English (British)en-gbMaleBrian Amazon Polly - Standard
English (British)en-gbFemaleEmma Amazon Polly - Standard
English (British)en-gbMaleGeorge Azure - Standard
English (British)en-gbFemaleHazel Azure - Standard
English (British)en-gbFemaleRosie Azure - Standard
English (British)en-gbFemaleSonia (neural) Azure - Neural
English (British)en-gbMaleRyan (neural) Azure - Neural
English (British)en-gbFemaleLibby (neural) Azure - Neural
English (British)en-gbFemaleAbbi (neural) Azure - Neural
English (British)en-gbMaleAlfie (neural) Azure - Neural
English (British)en-gbFemaleBella (neural) Azure - Neural
English (British)en-gbMaleElliot (neural) Azure - Neural
English (British)en-gbMaleEthan (neural) Azure - Neural
English (British)en-gbFemaleHollie (neural) Azure - Neural
English (British)en-gbMaleNoah (neural) Azure - Neural
English (British)en-gbMaleOliver (neural) Azure - Neural
English (British)en-gbFemaleOlivia (neural) Azure - Neural
English (British)en-gbMaleThomas (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Canadian)en-caFemaleHeatherAzure - Standard
English (Canadian)en-caFemaleAlice Azure - Standard
English (Canadian)en-caFemaleClara (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Canadian)en-caMaleLiam (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Indian)en-inFemaleAditi Amazon Polly - Standard
English (Indian)en-inFemaleHeeraAzure - Standard
English (Indian)en-inFemalePriya Azure - Standard
English (Indian)en-inFemaleRaveena Amazon Polly - Standard
English (Indian)en-inMaleRavi Azure - Standard
English (Indian)en-inFemaleNeerja (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Indian)en-inMalePrabhat (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Irish)en-ieMaleSeanAzure - Standard
English (Irish)en-ieFemaleEmily (neural) Azure - Neural
English (Irish)en-ieMaleConnor (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
Filipinofil-phFemaleBlessica (neural) Azure - Neural
Filipinofil-phFemaleAngelo (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
FinnishfiFemaleHeidi Azure - Standard
FinnishfiFemaleEvelin (beta) Google - Standard
FinnishfiFemaleSelma (neural) Azure - Neural
FinnishfiMaleHarri (neural) Azure - Neural
FinnishfiFemaleNoora (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
FrenchfrFemaleCelineAmazon Polly - Standard
FrenchfrFemaleHortense Azure - Standard
FrenchfrFemaleJuliette Azure - Standard
FrenchfrFemaleLea Amazon Polly - Standard
FrenchfrMaleMathieu Amazon Polly - Standard
FrenchfrMalePicart Azure - Standard
FrenchfrFemaleDenise (neural) Azure - Neural
FrenchfrMaleHenri (neural) Azure - Neural
FrenchfrMaleAlain (neural) Azure - Neural
FrenchfrFemaleBrigitte (neural) Azure - Neural
FrenchfrFemaleCeleste (neural) Azure - Neural
FrenchfrMaleClaude (neural) Azure - Neural
FrenchfrFemaleCoralie (neural) Azure - Neural
FrenchfrFemaleJacqueline (neural) Azure - Neural
FrenchfrMaleJerome (neural) Azure - Neural
FrenchfrFemaleJosephine (neural) Azure - Neural
FrenchfrMaleMaurice (neural) Azure - Neural
FrenchfrFemaleVivienne (neural) Azure - Neural
FrenchfrMaleYves (neural) Azure - Neural
FrenchfrFemaleYvette (neural) Azure - Neural
French (Canadian)fr-caFemaleCaroline Azure - Standard
French (Canadian)fr-caFemaleChantalAmazon Polly - Standard
French (Canadian)fr-caFemaleSylvie (neural) Azure - Neural
French (Canadian)fr-caMaleJean (neural) Azure - Neural
French (Canadian)fr-caMaleAntoine (neural) Azure - Neural
French (Canadian)fr-caMaleThierry (neural) Azure - Neural
French (Canadian)fr-caFemaleHarmonie Azure - Standard
French (Swiss)fr-chMaleGuillaumeAzure - Standard
French (Swiss)fr-chFemaleAriane (neural) Azure - Neural
French (Swiss)fr-chMaleFabrice (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
GermandeMaleHans Amazon Polly - Standard
GermandeFemaleHedda Azure - Standard
GermandeFemaleMarleneAmazon Polly - Standard
GermandeMaleStefan Azure - Standard
GermandeFemaleVicki Amazon Polly - Standard
GermandeFemaleAngela Azure - Standard
GermandeFemaleKatja (neural) Azure - Neural
GermandeMaleConrad (neural) Azure - Neural
GermandeFemaleAmala (neural) Azure - Neural
GermandeMaleBernd (neural) Azure - Neural
GermandeMaleChristoph (neural) Azure - Neural
GermandeFemaleElke (neural) Azure - Neural
GermandeMaleKasper (neural) Azure - Neural
GermandeMaleKillian (neural) Azure - Neural
GermandeFemaleKlarissa (neural) Azure - Neural
GermandeMaleKlaus (neural) Azure - Neural
GermandeFemaleLouisa (neural) Azure - Neural
GermandeFemaleMaja (neural) Azure - Neural
GermandeMaleRalf (neural) Azure - Neural
GermandeFemaleSeraphina (neural) Azure - Neural
GermandeFemaleTanja (neural) Azure - Neural
German (Austria)de-atMaleMichaelAzure - Standard
German (Austria)de-atFemaleIngrid (neural) Azure - Neural
German (Austria)de-atMaleJonas (neural) Azure - Neural
German (Swiss)de-chMaleKarstenAzure - Standard
German (Swiss)de-chFemaleLeni (neural) Azure - Neural
German (Swiss)de-chMaleJan (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
GreekelMaleStefanosAzure - Standard
GreekelFemaleSophia (beta) Google - Standard
GreekelFemaleAthina (neural) Azure - Neural
GreekelMaleNestoras (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
GujaratiguMaleDinesh (beta)Google - Standard
GujaratiguFemaleLeela (beta) Google - Standard
GujaratiguFemaleDhwani (neural) Azure - Neural
GujaratiguMaleNiranjan (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
HebrewheMaleAsafAzure - Standard
HebrewheFemaleHila (neural) Azure - Neural
HebrewheMaleAvri (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
HindihiFemaleAaditaAmazon Polly - Standard
HindihiMaleHemant Azure - Standard
HindihiFemaleKalpana Azure - Standard
HindihiFemaleAarushi (beta) Google - Standard
HindihiMaleAkash (beta) Google - Standard
HindihiMaleDaman (beta) Google - Standard
HindihiFemaleDivya (beta) Google - Standard
HindihiFemaleSwara (neural) Azure - Neural
HindihiMaleMadhur (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
HungarianhuMaleSzabolcsAzure - Standard
HungarianhuFemaleNoemi (neural) Azure - Neural
HungarianhuMaleTamas (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
IcelandicisFemaleDoraAmazon Polly - Standard
IcelandicisMaleKarl Amazon Polly - Standard
IcelandicisFemaleGudrun (neural) Azure - Neural
IcelandicisMaleGunnar (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
IndonesianidMaleAndikaAzure - Standard
IndonesianidMaleArif (beta) Google - Standard
IndonesianidFemaleIndah (beta) Google - Standard
IndonesianidMaleReza (beta) Google - Standard
IndonesianidFemaleNurul (beta) Google - Standard
IndonesianidFemaleGadis (neural) Azure - Neural
IndonesianidMaleArdi (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
ItalianitFemaleBianca Amazon Polly - Standard
ItalianitFemaleCarlaAmazon Polly - Standard
ItalianitMaleCosimo Azure - Standard
ItalianitMaleGiorgio Amazon Polly - Standard
ItalianitFemaleLucia Azure - Standard
ItalianitFemaleGianna (beta) Google - Standard
ItalianitFemaleElsa (neural) Azure - Neural
ItalianitFemaleIsabella (neural) Azure - Neural
ItalianitMaleDiego (neural) Azure - Neural
ItalianitMaleBenigno (neural) Azure - Neural
ItalianitMaleCalimero (neural) Azure - Neural
ItalianitMaleCataldo (neural) Azure - Neural
ItalianitFemaleFabiola (neural) Azure - Neural
ItalianitFemaleFiamma (neural) Azure - Neural
ItalianitMaleGianni (neural) Azure - Neural
ItalianitMaleGiuseppe (neural) Azure - Neural
ItalianitFemaleImelda (neural) Azure - Neural
ItalianitFemaleIrma (neural) Azure - Neural
ItalianitMaleLisandro (neural) Azure - Neural
ItalianitFemalePalmira (neural) Azure - Neural
ItalianitFemalePierina (neural) Azure - Neural
ItalianitMaleRinaldo (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
JapanesejaFemaleAyumi Azure - Standard
JapanesejaFemaleHaruka Azure - Standard
JapanesejaMaleIchiro Azure - Standard
JapanesejaFemaleMizukiAmazon Polly - Standard
JapanesejaMaleTakumi Amazon Polly - Standard
JapanesejaFemaleNanami (neural) Azure - Neural
JapanesejaMaleKeita (neural) Azure - Neural
JapanesejaFemaleAoi (neural) Azure - Neural
JapanesejaMaleDaichi (neural) Azure - Neural
JapanesejaFemaleMayu (neural) Azure - Neural
JapanesejaMaleNaoki (neural) Azure - Neural
JapanesejaFemaleShiori (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
KannadaknMaleShashank (beta)Google - Standard
KannadaknFemaleNamratha (beta) Google - Standard
KannadaknFemaleSapna (neural) Azure - Neural
KannadaknMaleGagan (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
KoreankoFemaleHeami Azure - Standard
KoreankoFemaleSeoyeon Amazon Polly - Standard
KoreankoFemaleSumi (beta)Google - Standard
KoreankoFemaleJina (beta) Google - Standard
KoreankoMaleHimchan (beta) Google - Standard
KoreankoMaleMinho (beta) Google - Standard
KoreankoFemaleSunHi (neural) Azure - Neural
KoreankoMaleInJoon (neural) Azure - Neural
KoreankoMaleBongJin (neural) Azure - Neural
KoreankoMaleGookMin (neural) Azure - Neural
KoreankoMaleHyunsu (neural) Azure - Neural
KoreankoFemaleJiMin (neural) Azure - Neural
KoreankoFemaleSeoHyeon (neural) Azure - Neural
KoreankoFemaleSoonBok (neural) Azure - Neural
KoreankoFemaleYuJin (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
MalaymsMaleRizwanAzure - Standard
MalaymsFemaleYasmin (neural) Azure - Neural
MalaymsMaleOsman (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
MalayammlMaleVishnu (beta)Google - Standard
MalayammlFemaleKirti (beta) Google - Standard
MalayammlFemaleSobhana (neural) Azure - Neural
MalayammlMaleMidhun (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
NorwegiannoFemaleHulda Azure - Standard
NorwegiannoFemaleLivAmazon Polly - Standard
NorwegiannoFemalePernille (neural) Azure - Neural
NorwegiannoMaleFinn (neural) Azure - Neural
NorwegiannoFemaleIselin (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
PolishplFemaleEwaAmazon Polly - Standard
PolishplMaleJacek Amazon Polly - Standard
PolishplMaleJan Amazon Polly - Standard
PolishplFemaleMaja Amazon Polly - Standard
PolishplFemalePaulina Azure - Standard
PolishplFemaleAgnieszka (neural) Azure - Neural
PolishplMaleMarek (neural) Azure - Neural
PolishplFemaleZofia (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
Portuguesept-ptMaleCristiano Amazon Polly - Standard
Portuguesept-ptFemaleHelia Azure - Standard
Portuguesept-ptFemaleInes Amazon Polly - Standard
Portuguesept-ptFemaleAbrielle (beta)Google - Standard
Portuguesept-ptMaleHenriques (beta) Google - Standard
Portuguesept-ptMaleJeraldo (beta) Google - Standard
Portuguesept-ptFemaleJacinda (beta) Google - Standard
Portuguesept-ptFemaleRaquel (neural) Azure - Neural
Portuguesept-ptMaleDuarte (neural) Azure - Neural
Portuguesept-ptFemaleFernanda (neural) Azure - Neural
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brFemaleCamila Amazon Polly - Standard
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brMaleDaniel Azure - Standard
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brFemaleHeloisa Azure - Standard
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brMaleRicardo Amazon Polly - Standard
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brFemaleVitoriaAmazon Polly - Standard
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brFemaleFrancisca (neural) Azure - Neural
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brMaleAntonio (neural) Azure - Neural
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brFemaleBrenda (neural) Azure - Neural
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brMaleDonato (neural) Azure - Neural
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brFemaleElza (neural) Azure - Neural
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brMaleFabio (neural) Azure - Neural
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brFemaleGiovanna (neural) Azure - Neural
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brMaleHumberto (neural) Azure - Neural
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brMaleJulio (neural) Azure - Neural
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brFemaleLeila (neural) Azure - Neural
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brFemaleLeticia (neural) Azure - Neural
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brFemaleManuela (neural) Azure - Neural
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brMaleNicolau (neural) Azure - Neural
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brFemaleThalita (neural) Azure - Neural
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brMaleValerio (neural) Azure - Neural
Portuguese (Brazilian)pt-brFemaleYara (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
RomanianroMaleAndrei Azure - Standard
RomanianroFemaleCarmenAmazon Polly - Standard
RomanianroFemaleAlina (neural) Azure - Neural
RomanianroMaleEmil (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
RussianruFemaleEkaterina Azure - Standard
RussianruFemaleIrina Azure - Standard
RussianruMaleMaxim Amazon Polly - Standard
RussianruMalePavel Azure - Standard
RussianruFemaleTatyanaAmazon Polly - Standard
RussianruFemaleSvetlana (neural) Azure - Neural
RussianruMaleDmitry (neural) Azure - Neural
RussianruFemaleDariya (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
SlovakskMaleFilipAzure - Standard
SlovakskFemaleViktoria (neural) Azure - Neural
SlovakskMaleLukas (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
SlovenianslMaleLadoAzure - Standard
SlovenianslFemalePetra (neural) Azure - Neural
SlovenianslMaleRok (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
SpanishesMaleEnrique Amazon Polly - Standard
SpanishesFemaleJuana Azure - Standard
SpanishesFemaleLaura Azure - Standard
SpanishesFemaleLinda Amazon Polly - Standard
SpanishesMaleMiguel Amazon Polly - Standard
SpanishesMalePablo Azure - Standard
SpanishesFemalePenelopeAmazon Polly - Standard
SpanishesFemaleLupe Amazon Polly - Standard
SpanishesFemaleGabriela (beta) Google - Standard
SpanishesFemaleElvira (neural) Azure - Neural
SpanishesMaleAlvaro (neural) Azure - Neural
SpanishesFemaleAbril (neural) Azure - Neural
SpanishesMaleArnau (neural) Azure - Neural
SpanishesMaleDario (neural) Azure - Neural
SpanishesMaleElias (neural) Azure - Neural
SpanishesFemaleEstrella (neural) Azure - Neural
SpanishesFemaleIrene (neural) Azure - Neural
SpanishesFemaleLaia (neural) Azure - Neural
SpanishesFemaleLia (neural) Azure - Neural
SpanishesMaleNil (neural) Azure - Neural
SpanishesMaleSaul (neural) Azure - Neural
SpanishesMaleTeo (neural) Azure - Neural
SpanishesFemaleTriana (neural) Azure - Neural
SpanishesFemaleVera (neural) Azure - Neural
SpanishesFemaleXimena (neural) Azure - Neural
SpanishesFemalePaloma (neural) Azure - Neural
SpanishesMaleAlonso (neural) Azure - Neural
Spanish (Mexican)es-mxFemaleHilda Azure - Standard
Spanish (Mexican)es-mxFemaleMiaAmazon Polly - Standard
Spanish (Mexican)es-mxMaleRaul Azure - Standard
Spanish (Mexican)es-mxFemaleDalia (neural) Azure - Neural
Spanish (Mexican)es-mxFemaleJorge (neural) Azure - Neural
Spanish (Mexican)es-mxFemaleBeatriz (neural) Azure - Neural
Spanish (Mexican)es-mxFemaleCandela (neural) Azure - Neural
Spanish (Mexican)es-mxFemaleCarlota (neural) Azure - Neural
Spanish (Mexican)es-mxFemaleCecilio (neural) Azure - Neural
Spanish (Mexican)es-mxFemaleGerardo (neural) Azure - Neural
Spanish (Mexican)es-mxFemaleLarissa (neural) Azure - Neural
Spanish (Mexican)es-mxFemaleLiberto (neural) Azure - Neural
Spanish (Mexican)es-mxFemaleLuciano (neural) Azure - Neural
Spanish (Mexican)es-mxFemaleMarina (neural) Azure - Neural
Spanish (Mexican)es-mxFemaleNuria (neural) Azure - Neural
Spanish (Mexican)es-mxFemalePelayo (neural) Azure - Neural
Spanish (Mexican)es-mxFemaleRenata (neural) Azure - Neural
Spanish (Mexican)es-mxFemaleYago (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
SwedishsvFemaleAstridAmazon Polly - Standard
SwedishsvFemaleHedvig Azure - Standard
SwedishsvFemaleSofie (neural) Azure - Neural
SwedishsvMaleMattias (neural) Azure - Neural
SwedishsvFemaleHillevi (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
TamiltaMaleValluvarAzure - Standard
TamiltaMaleGanesh (beta) Google - Standard
TamiltaFemaleShruti (beta) Google - Standard
TamiltaFemalePallavi (neural) Azure - Neural
TamiltaMaleValluvar (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
TeluguteFemaleChitraAzure - Standard
TeluguteMaleVijay (beta) Google - Standard
TeluguteFemaleSamantha (beta) Google - Standard
TeluguteFemaleShruti (neural) Azure - Neural
TeluguteMaleMohan (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
ThaithMalePattara Azure - Standard
ThaithFemaleNatchaya (beta) Google - Standard
ThaithFemalePremwadee (neural) Azure - Neural
ThaithMaleNiwat (neural) Azure - Neural
ThaithFemaleAchara (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
TurkishtrFemaleFilizAmazon Polly - Standard
TurkishtrFemaleSeda Azure - Standard
TurkishtrFemaleEmel (neural) Azure - Neural
TurkishtrMaleAhmet (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
UkrainianukFemaleUlyanaGoogle - Standard
UkrainianukFemalePolina (neural) Azure - Neural
UkrainianukMaleOstap (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
VietnameseviMaleAnAzure - Standard
VietnameseviFemaleLien (beta) Google - Standard
VietnameseviMaleQuan (beta) Google - Standard
VietnameseviFemaleMai (beta) Google - Standard
VietnameseviMaleThao (beta) Google - Standard
VietnameseviFemaleHoaiMy (neural) Azure - Neural
VietnameseviMaleNamMinh (neural) Azure - Neural


LanguageAbbreviationGenderNameDefault voiceVoice provider
WelshwlsFemaleGwynethAmazon Polly - Standard
WelshwlsMaleGeraintAmazon Polly - Standard
WelshwlsFemaleNia (neural) Azure - Neural
WelshwlsMaleAled (neural) Azure - Neural

The languages and voices marked as beta are in a pre-production stage. Infobip does not have the technical support obligation for these languages.


The languages and voices marked as beta are in a pre-production stage. Infobip does not have the technical support obligation for these languages.

Speech recognition languages

Check out the table to see which abbreviation you need to use when selecting a specific language in the API request.



Afrikaans (South Africa)af-ZA
Albanian (Albania)sq-AL
Amharic (Ethiopia)am-ET
Arabic (Algeria)ar-DZ
Arabic (Bahrain)ar-BH
Arabic (Egypt)ar-EG
Arabic (Iraq)ar-IQ
Arabic (Israel)ar-IL
Arabic (Jordan)ar-JO
Arabic (Kuwait)ar-KW
Arabic (Lebanon)ar-LB
Arabic (Libya)ar-LY
Arabic (Morocco)ar-MA
Arabic (Oman)ar-OM
Arabic (Qatar)ar-QA
Arabic (Saudi Arabia)ar-SA
Arabic (State of Palestine)ar-PS
Arabic (Syria)ar-SY
Arabic (Tunisia)ar-TN
Arabic (United Arab Emirates)ar-AE
Arabic (Yemen)ar-YE
Armenian (Armenia)hy-AM
Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan)az-AZ
Basque (Spain)eu-ES
Bengali (Bangladesh)bn-BD
Bengali (India)bn-IN
Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)bs-BA
Bulgarian (Bulgaria)bg-BG
Burmese (Myanmar)my-MM
Catalan (Spain)ca-ES
Chinese (Cantonese, Traditional)zh-HK
Chinese (Mandarin, Simplified)zh-CN
Chinese (Mandarin, Taiwan)zh-TW
Croatian (Croatia)hr-HR
Czech (Czech Republic)cs-CZ
Danish (Denmark)da-DK
Dutch (Belgium)nl-BE
Dutch (Netherlands)nl-NL
English (Australia)en-AU
English (Canada)en-CA
English (Ghana)en-GH
English (Great Britain)en-GB
English (Hong Kong)en-HK
English (India)en-IN
English (Ireland)en-IE
English (Kenya)en-KE
English (New Zealand)en-NZ
English (Nigeria)en-NG
English (Pakistan)en-PK
English (Philippines)en-PH
English (Singapore)en-SG
English (South Africa)en-ZA
English (Tanzania)en-TZ
English (US)en-US
Estonian (Estonia)et-EE
Filipino (Philippines)fil-pH
Finnish (Finland)fi-FI
French (Belgium)fr-BE
French (Canada)fr-CA
French (France)fr-FR
French (Switzerland)fr-CH
Galician (Spain)gl-ES
Georgian (Georgia)ka-GE
German (Austria)de-AT
German (Germany)de-DE
German (Switzerland)de-CH
Greek (Greece)el-GR
Gujarati (India)gu-IN
Hebrew (Israel)he-IL
Hindi (India)hi-IN
Hungarian (Hungary)hu-HU
Icelandic (Iceland)is-IS
Indonesian (Indonesia)id-ID
Irish (Ireland)ga-IE
Italian (Italy)it-IT
Italian (Switzerland)it-CH
Japanese (Japan)ja-JP
Javanese (Indonesia)jv-ID
Kannada (India)kn-IN
Kazakh (Kazakhstan)kk-KZ
Khmer (Cambodia)km-KH
Korean (South Korea)ko-KR
Lao (Laos)lo-LA
Latvian (Latvia)lv-LV
Lithuanian (Lithuania)lt-LT
Macedonian (North Macedonia)mk-MK
Malay (Malaysia)ms-MY
Malayalam (India)ml-IN
Maltese (Malta)mt-MT
Marathi (India)mr-IN
Mongolian (Mongolia)mn-MN
Nepali (Nepal)ne-NP
Norwegian Bokmål (Norway)no-NO
Persian (Iran)fa-IR
Polish (Poland)pl-PL
Portuguese (Brazil)pt-BR
Portuguese (Portugal)pt-PT
Punjabi (Gurmukhi India)pa-Guru-IN
Romanian (Romania)ro-RO
Russian (Russia)ru-RU
Serbian (Serbia)sr-RS
Sinhala (Sri Lanka)si-LK
Slovak (Slovakia)sk-SK
Slovenian (Slovenia)sl-SI
Spanish (Argentina)es-AR
Spanish (Bolivia)es-BO
Spanish (Chile)es-CL
Spanish (Colombia)es-CO
Spanish (Costa Rica)es-CR
 Spanish (Cuba)es-CU
Spanish (Dominican Republic)es-DO
Spanish (Ecuador)es-EC
Spanish (El Salvador)es-SV
Spanish (Equatorial Guinea)es-GQ
Spanish (Guatemala)es-GT
Spanish (Honduras)es-HN
Spanish (Mexico)es-MX
Spanish (Nicaragua)es-NI
Spanish (Panama)es-PA
Spanish (Paraguay)es-PY
Spanish (Peru)es-PE
Spanish (Puerto Rico)es-PR
Spanish (Spain)es-ES
Spanish (USA)es-US
Spanish (Uruguay)es-UY
Spanish (Venezuela)es-VE
Sundanese (Indonesia)su-ID
Swahili (Kenya)sw-KE
Swahili (Tanzania)sw-TZ
Swedish (Sweden)sv-SE
Tamil (India)ta-IN
Tamil (Malaysia)ta-MY
Tamil (Singapore)ta-SG
Tamil (Sri Lanka)ta-LK
Telugu (India)te-IN
Thai (Thailand)th-TH
Turkish (Turkey)tr-TR
Ukrainian (Ukraine)uk-UA
Urdu (India)ur-IN
Urdu (Pakistan)ur-PK
Uzbek (Uzbekistan)uz-UZ
Vietnamese (Vietnam)vi-VN
Zulu (South Africa)zu-ZA

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