Metrics API

Metrics API

The Metrics API is a versatile tool designed to gather and analyze data about specific performance indicators or measurements in your operations. It provides a way to track and measure performance, including traffic counts, click rates, delivery success rates, and more. By using these metrics, you can gain insights into your operations' effectiveness and efficiency while leveraging the data to support informed decision-making.

In addition to its comprehensive tracking capabilities, the Metrics API offers powerful asynchronous query processing. This feature lets users query large datasets and receive results later, ensuring that even the most extensive analyses can be completed without interruption. Whether you are analyzing reports spanning extensive time intervals, working with complex grouping dimensions, or managing queries for escalating data volumes, asynchronous query processing ensures that your analytics workflow remains efficient and uninterrupted.


Aggregated traffic data

Get comprehensive insights into traffic data across various service activities.

Custom filtering

Refine queries with tailored criteria such as time frames and status codes.

Flexible aggregation

Analyze data using various parameters to gain deeper insights.

Metric retrieval

Fetch specific performance metrics to support informed decision-making.


Please note that while our API is in early access, not all channels and services available on the Infobip platform are currently accessible. We are actively working to enable access to each of these channels and services over time.

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