CPaaS X is the next stage in the evolution of the Infobip CPaaS API stack. It is not a new product, but a new set of APIs and an enhancement of existing ones to make the Infobip product stack more scalable and modular for evolving and new customer use cases.

Customers have universal and unique challenges. Universally, customers are experiencing operational bottlenecks as they race to scale, reporting difficulties due to data overwhelm and go-to-market delays as they deal with these on top of increased regulatory and compliance pressures. Unique, in that they have their own specific use cases and find it challenging to find suitable partners that are flexible enough to fulfill and solve those use cases.

CPaaS X introduces new concepts and features to simplify customers' workload and workflow by letting Infobip handle the heavy lifting, so they can focus on scaling their business.


Scale your business

Remove the bottlenecks to scale your business by reducing the operational load of admin and manual tasks


Make purchasing and registering assets - Numbers, Senders, Domains - fast and, assigning them to your use cases or customers, easy. Infobip will do the heavy lifting.


Our APIs are designed to be flexible and allow you to solve your use cases and build new ones.


Pick and choose whatever APIs you need and slot them into your business requirements with ease.


You send us the basics (the content and destination) and Infobip will take care of the complexity by selecting the most appropriate Sender for the time and destination.


Decide what events and notifications you want and we will track and report on all your customers, not just you! So you don't have to untangle and reconcile for your individual customers.


Key Concepts

Check out these key concepts and features to see what value they bring:


The driving principle of CPaaS X is how Infobip can manage your Resources efficiently and at scale so you can grow and provide value to your customers. Resources can mean different things depending on the audience and context. In the context of CPaaS X, a Resource is a crucial artifact that allows end-to-end communication to happen on a messaging, voice, or video channel.

Resources are Short Codes, Virtual Long Numbers (or US 10-digit long codes), Alphanumeric Senders, Email domains, and ChatApp IDs. Of course, some other settings and configurations must be applied to send and receive successfully, but these depend on you purchasing or registering one of these Resources.

So Resource is not new, but think of a Resource as part of the base CPaaS layer where previously a lot of manual processes and friction existed to manage those Resources. Now there is an X-Factor layer to automatize and remove the friction of those processes.

If you choose to use the CPaaS X modules, they will be directly or indirectly linked to your Resources depending on your use case and requirements. It also gives you the flexibility only to use the modules that you require.

Read on for a brief overview of each of these new modules or dive into the Resources article to learn more about Resources.

Applications and Entities

We will talk about Applications and Entities together because,even though they can be used independently, they are similar. They can be thought of as building blocks to be used in a modular way, with the goal of managing configurations and resources in whatever manner meets your needs. They are similar in the sense that the same configuration can be applied but different in that they will represent different 'actors' in your world.

Below are some ways they could be used, but we fully expect our clients to use them to suit their needs.

Applications Example


Entities Example


Head over to the Application and Entity Management article to learn more.

Sending Strategy

You can tell Infobip how you want us to use your Sending Resources, i.e., Senders by setting up a strategy on our platform, so when you send your messages we will select the most appropriate Sender for your destination. This means you set up once and leave the execution to Infobip.


In a data-driven world, we all need and demand, notifications when something is completed successfully, fails or there is some other status change.

Given the scale of interactions generating event changes, notifications can be overwhelming and hard to manage. Subscriptions bring order by allowing you to only subscribe to events you want notifications for, and to configure how, and where, those notifications should go.

Available Channels

Before Getting Started

Before you get started using CPaaS X, you will need to have an Infobip account to start using the API. Log in (opens in a new tab) or register for an account to continue.

Also, ensure that any communications channels that you want to use on CPaaS X are enabled for your account.

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