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Learn how to send one-time PINs using Infobip Voice messaging API.

Build a flow to welcome your end users who just installed the mobile application.

Send reminders by push notification to help users authorize with your app

Help customer retention and engage new mobile users of your app

Send a reminder to mobile users that they have items in their cart marked as favorite

Remind mobile users to return to their shopping cart and complete the order.

Encourage mobile users to use your app after a period of inactivity

Use geo-targeting to share special offers and re-engage your loyal customers passing by your stores.

Implement lead scoring in People to identify warm leads

Create a loop of reminder notifications in Flow and a counter to count the number of messages sent

Use the product message feature of WhatsApp to offer products for customers to order

Build and connect modular flows in Moments instead of creating large, complex flows for your communication needs.

End users can use chatbots across different channels to activate and sign up for accounts or services.

Create surveys with no coding and collect direct customer feedback to improve your product and grow your business.

Use chat apps to authenticate end users and active services.

Combine different Infobip channels to send 2FA to your customers.

Use the Infobip chatbot building platform, Answers, to train your chatbot to offer and retrieve various information to help online customers and end users.

Help customers reserve appointments in the most convenient way whether it is via chatbot or a messaging channel with agent help.

Send interactive message templates to your customers when they create an account on your website.

Show your business` reliability and improve your operations based on customer reviews.

Track your patients' health information via our wireless IoT connectivity without any data loss, and provide exceptional care to your patients.

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