Use Cases

Check out how you can use our various solutions in real-life scenarios.


Learn how to send one-time PINs using Voice messaging API.

Use biometrics as a third layer of user authentication during log in to take your security to the next level.

Automate your lead generation process by providing information about properties via chatbot

Help customers reserve appointments in the most convenient way whether it is via chatbot or a messaging channel with agent help.

Send interactive message templates to your customers when they create an account on your website.

Show your business` reliability and improve your operations based on customer reviews.

Track your patients' health information via our wireless IoT connectivity without any data loss, and provide exceptional care to your patients.

Reduce the abandonment rates with messages offering to help customers complete the forms.

Record voice interaction with your end users and send them reminders about their payment due date.

Save money on calls while ensuring your message was heard by a real person and not just a machine.

Conversational commerce at its finest – recommended products and quick payment via link.

Engage new shoppers with messages sent via different channels.

Use the kiosk app to establish a seamless remote consultation without any data connectivity interruptions.

Automate call routing based on the order ID entered by the end user.

Use a virtual assistant to help customers get roadside assistance, schedule repairs, or test and buy a car

Increase user engagement and retention with geo-triggered push notifications.

Create a flow with API call to your system and show loyalty program points on customers` demand.

Remind your customers of the upcoming and past due payments.

Notify your clients that their credit card has been sent and allow them to active the credit card online once they receive it.

Add a delivery tracking option to your order confirmation notifications to give customers all the information they need in one place.

Easily resolve any customer complaints regarding their orders with the help of Shopify integration with Conversations.

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