Oracle Digital Assistant

Oracle Digital Assistant over Infobip with WhatsApp

Infobip and Oracle Digital Assistant integration offers a new communication channel using the Infobip platform, features, and routing to the Oracle platform. By integrating these two platforms, you can easily manage conversations.

In this guide, we explain how to integrate Oracle Digital Assistant with the Infobip platform using WhatsApp as a channel.


  • Register the WhatsApp Business Sender over Infobip as a Business Solution Provider.


  • Inbound and outbound text messages
  • Outbound text messages with postback actions
  • Inbound and outbound media messages (image, audio, video, file)
  • Inbound location messages
  • Outbound cards with supported actions: postback, call, URL

Before you proceed with the integration, refer to the following prerequisites.

  • Oracle Digital Assistant account 
  • Oracle Cloud tenant
  • Infobip account 

User Guide

Skill Installation and Configuration

Oracle Digital Assistant is created in the Oracle Cloud tenant. This is provided by Oracle as a playground for developers.

1. Access the Oracle Cloud tenant.

2. Introduce the name of the tenant provided by Oracle.

Oracle Cloud tenant

  1. Sign in with the provided credentials. It can be SSO federated or by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle account sign in

  1. At the welcome screen, you’ll see the added skills. Click the menu in the top left corner and navigate to Development.

Oracle skills

  1. Create a new channel. This is how you connect the Infobip platform with the Oracle Digital Assistant or Skill. Under Channel Type, you must select Webhook as a way to integrate with Infobip.  

Create new Oracle channel

  1. To assure the right communication, between WhatsApp and Oracle Digital Platform, verify the Skill created for the integration is selected. To do this, navigate to Development > Channels.

    Select the channel created in the previous step and make sure that the skill is selected in the option Route to.

Infobip webhook channel routing with Oracle

  1. Once the channel and skill are routed, you will get the following information:

New channel configuration with Infobip webhook in Oracle Clout tenant

Be sure to store your Secret Key for future configurations. Also, make sure the channel is enabled, to avoid communication issues.


Infobip provides the skill or it can be obtained by collaboration with the client’s development.


Once the configuration, skills, and channels are up to date, test out the integration with the sender provided by Infobip.

  1. In Oracle Digital Assistant, navigate to Development > Skills > Infobip > click the Play button.

Oracle Cloud tenant skills

  1. Now you can use the test environment.

Test WhatsApp as a channel over Infobip on the Oracle Digital Assistant

  1. If the test environment works, use it to test it in a real conversation with a sender using WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp conversation will be integrated within the Digital Assistant with all its available features.

To see metrics on how your conversations perform, navigate to Analytics.

Oracle Digital Assistant - Analytics