Microsoft Power Automate

This guide covers the steps on how to connect the Microsoft Power Automate with the Infobip platform using SMS and Voice as communication channels.

The Infobip connector currently supports following actions:

  • Send SMS
  • Make voice call - Make an outbound voice call and read the message using text to speech synthesis
  • Check current account balance

The Infobip connector currently supports the following trigger:

  • Inbound SMS message


  • Infobip account. If you don't have one, here’s how to create the Infobip account.
  • SMS or Voice capable phone number from Infobip. Purchase these numbers through the Infobip web interface. Navigate to Apps > Numbers > BUY NUMBER.

User Guide

Connect and Use Infobip Triggers and Actions

  1. Open the Power Automate.
  2. Click Create and then Automated Flow.

Microsoft Power Automate with Infobip

  1. You will see a pop-out window. Name your flow and click Skip.

Test flow with Infobip and Microsoft Power Automate

  1. Search for Infobip and select a Trigger to start the event.

Search for Infobip connector

  1. Enter your Infobip credentials and click Create. Once you have this connection set up, you can use it for all future flows. You can see all your connections under Data > Connections.

Microsoft Power Automate - enter Infobip credentials

  1. Continue by implementing Infobip actions into the flow. 


Send Text Message (SMS)

Enter the mandatory fields (recipient’s phone number and message content)

Microsoft Power Automate - Send text message SMS

Make a Voice Call

Enter the mandatory fields (recipient’s phone number, message content, and language options)

Microsoft Power Automate - Make a voice call

Check Current Balance

Microsoft Power Automate - Check Current Balance


When You Receive an Incoming Text Message

 Enter the mandatory fields (phone number and keyword).

Tigger – When You Receive an Incoming Text Message

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