Marketo for People

Marketo for People

Synchronize your leads data by connecting your Marketo instance to People. This is useful for when you are using Infobip products, particularly Moments.

Set up authentication

To enable People to access Marketo, create an API service and a user.

Create a user for your API service

The API service enables People to request access to Marketo. Because access is defined by roles, you'll first need to create a role allowing at least:

  • Access API. Read-Only Activity – Provides the option to poll tasks and verify credentials
  • Access API. Read-Only Lead – Gets leads
Create new Marketo user role

With the role in place you can create an API user.

Marketo - invite new user

Next, assign permissions to the user.

Marketo - assign permissions

Next click SEND to finalize new user setup.

Marketo - final step

Create the API service

In this step you will:

  • Create an API service and get the Client ID and the Client Secret for it
  • Get the REST URL and identity URL. They are available in the REST API section found in the Web Services section under Integrations.
Marketo - create API service

Add Credentials to Infobip

Once you have these values, log into Infobip portal and store them in the Credentials for Marketo.

Add Marketo credentials to Infobip setup

Map Marketo data fields to People

To complete the integration with People, you need to map the Marketo data fields to People.

  1. Logon to Infobip and go to Exchange > App Apps.
  2. Open the Marketo integration and select the Integration tab.
  3. On Marketo Leads to People Customer, click Configure to update the mappings.
  4. The left column displays your Marketo fields and the right column displays the fields available in People. Map the fields you want to make available in People so they are available to other Infobip products.

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