451 Research: Trusted communications a critical requirement for CX

The growing adoption of digital customer engagement has led to an increase in fraudulent practices such as smishing and artificial inflation of traffic. Check out 451 Research’s latest market insight report to learn about the implication on MNOs and enterprises.

Mobile misuse can have serious consequences – from ruining a MNO’s and brand’s reputation to account takeover and identity theft. It’s important to understand the emerging threats posed by robocalls, spam SMS, and traffic inflation, and their potential implications.

Fraudulent activities using digital channels and mobile communications can have major ramifications for enterprises, mobile network operators, and customers alike. From the financial scare of identity theft to false messages that might be ignored, the consequences can cost organizations greatly in lost revenue and customer follow-up calls; while mobile network operators may suffer reduced completed call rates or investigating customer cases. It is clear that trust and secure communication are essential in order to create positive experiences across the ecosystem––from organizations, providers to tech vendors. Working together, we have a unique opportunity to make this happen.

Why should brands and MNO’s be concerned about A2P fraud?

451 Research’s latest Market Insight Report shows that the use of A2P communications is going to grow, especially with the rise of digital channel adoptions. With this businesses will invest in more use cases over A2P channels and MNO’s will need to diversify their channel portfolio from SMS and Voice to rich messaging apps such as RCS, WhatsApp, Messenger etc.


of businesses will deploy A2P communications

What are the key issues brands need to be aware of?

Consumers are familiar with the different forms of malicious messaging that have been flooding their inboxes and phones – from bulk, unsolicited campaigns to targeted phishing attempts. While spam is broadly defined as any unsolicited message, phishing takes it further by aiming to extract sensitive personal information, incur costs and spread malicious software. It is highly important for individuals and businesses alike to stay aware of these tactics in order to protect themselves from potential danger.

Download the report and learn why trusted communications are is critical for digital customer experience

Consumer trust is vital for brand and MNO reputation. To achieve that both MNOs and brands need to be aware of the:

  • Threats to the messaging ecosystem
  • Top use cases for A2P messaging
  • Solutions to secure their reputation

The latest Market Insight Report by 451 Research touches upon these topics and provides an insight into the A2P messaging ecosystem. Download the report today!