Building a Career at Infobip

The changes in Infobip that I, and others who joined Infobip at least four or five years ago, have witnessed have been dramatic. I had a unique opportunity to see how a company transforms from a startup of few dozen employees, to a leading telecommunications company with over 900 employees! All through the perspective of my own transformation and career advancement. I joined Infobip at the beginning of 2012 upon completing my Bachelor’s degree of Engineering in Computing.

Because I had some tech experience from student jobs, but most importantly I was very passionate about the telecommunications industry, I started as a Junior Support Engineer. Back then, Support had a pretty simple onboarding plan. You had a mentor who explained things as they happened and helped you solve problems. As you gained more experience you could handle tickets on your own. While learning our very complex industry, it was important to keep asking questions to your teammates. That’s when I realized team spirit was one of the core values at Infobip, everyone was more than willing to put everything aside to dedicate time to explain some concept to a novice like me.

This team spirit and willingness to help encouraged me to keep asking questions and become a better Support Engineer. Today we’ve improved our onboarding process immensely. The process is more structured and organized, but the positive attitude and team spirit displayed from the very beginning has remained still.

After my initial training and onboarding, I focused on being open to new opportunities to experience new challenges and continue to deliver great results. Looking back, all my promotions from entry-level Support Engineer to Senior Engineer and then Supervisor, have all come from as a result of this attitude. Of course, as you become more experienced and assume leadership roles, you become aware that without integrity, results won’t get you far. Integrity is one of the key qualities that make trustworthy employees stand out.

In 2015 I earned my Masters degree of IT Technologies, all while still holding my position in Infobip as Head of Enterprise Solutions. It is important to keep investing in your career with education and experiences that broaden your horizons and exposes you to new possibilities for the future. Being in the challenging position of leading people in an IT company, constant education is essential to stay sharp and creative and use that creativity to be turned into useful technical solutions and organizational advancements for the team and company.

Building a career in Infobip is as rewarding as it is challenging. Our industry is constantly changing and it’s essential as Infobip employees to be able to learn, adapt, and change as well. That’s why it’s important to recognize the core values that make Infobip successful and continue to nurture them. Our values are the pulse of our organization:

Results Team spirit Passion Creativity Courage and integrity Positive attitude Individual excellence

So, if you see yourself as aligned to Infobip’s core values as I do, check out our career’s web page and let us know which challenge you would like to take on!

Mihovil Mađer, Head of Enterprise Solutions

Sep 7th, 2016
3 min read