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How to Score an Interview with Infobip

How to Score an Interview with Infobip

To help you understand what our company values, we decided to share the things that help separate you out from the crowd in our selection process.

As a leader in the IT / telecommunication industry, we receive tons of applications from people who would love to join our global teams. To help you understand what we value, we decided to share what stands out from the crowd in our selection process. We know you’re a star, so keep reading to learn how you can help us see how you shine!

When we read your cover letter, we’re basically looking for answers to these 3 questions:

Why THIS Position?

Be precise and concise about expressing your ambitions, plans and expectations related to the position you are applying for.

What made you interested in this specific position (as opposed to other positions) in the first place? Why is this position suited to you at this stage of your career? What are you seeking to accomplish?

Tell us why you’re the right fit for this position, we’d like to hear more about it.


Tell us what motivated you to choose Infobip as the place to grow personally and professionally.

What do you like about our company? Why do you see our company as a place to accomplish what is important to you? What type of environment do you feel you would thrive in?

Make sure we understand how being a part of Infobip impacts your future career goals. To get to know us better and ensure that we’re compatible with each other, don’t forget to visit our Careers section.

Why YOU?

Highlight specific qualifications for this job and call out experiences or accomplishments that make you qualified.

Which skills, what kind of knowledge and expertise would you bring to Infobip? What makes you the best possible candidate for the position?

Be as specific as possible – e.g. don’t just say that you are proactive; mention precisely which initiatives you started at your last company or university. Also, highlight your career growth, progress or any promotion that you’re proud of.

Last but not least, being creative and unique is always an advantage – don’t be scared to show us who you really are.

If you consider creativity to be your superpower, show us your motivation in an unconventional way (even if it is optional) – record a video, take a photo, create a comic or just share your portfolio with us. We can’t wait to take that potential to the next level!

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