My Internship: 90 hours in Infobip Speeds Up Learning!

A dozen of talented students and recent graduates spent 90 hours each in Infobip’s research and development center in Sarajevo this year – and that’s only the beginning of what we hope will become a long-term project with local universities and associations promoting the practical education of prospective developers.

Infobip was proud to support their mission with international experience, global insight, advanced tools, and opportunities to tackle real dev challenge, alongside some of the top developers in the country. Interns joined scrum teams, learning of the popular dev methodology and its roles. It was not without excitement to experience a typical working day of teams behind one of the world’s top-performing messaging platforms. Agility, dynamics, client-focused thinking – you read a lot on those, but seeing how it works and being part of it is a whole new thing.

– The Sarajevo dev team has introduced them to the standard set of Java frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate and our usage of dev tools IntelliJ IDEA, Maven, Git etc. They interns had a chance to test out a number of our internal tools which presented a completely new experience for some of them, said Dino Bico, one of the dev mentors and team leaders based in Sarajevo.

As a result, some of the young developers decided to simply continue working in Infobip – they found projects and challenges to their liking.

What we’ve seen many times is that graduates have huge potential and lots of knowledge, but their opportunities for practical learning are still scarce, which is sometimes an obstacle for them joining more advanced dev teams and projects. So getting some real, hands-on experience will certainly add to both their skills and future opportunities.

Dino Bico – Software Architect / Division Lead, Infobip

Meanwhile, the internship programmes go on – for both students and recent graduates. Certainly, the 90 working hours in Infobip will speed up learning and open new perspectives for any young developer in search of a challenge!

Aug 8th, 2014
2 min read