So You Sent That Application, What Happens Next?

Of course, each position has its own specifics, however our hiring process is designed so that each step brings a unique value in making a decision, for us as recruiters, and you as a candidate. Here’s what you can expect during the hiring and interview process:

Screening your resume

One of our recruiters reviews all the applications and resumes that were submitted. They screen for the key selection criteria (hint: the More about you section in the ad). This step ensures that there is an initial match for the position and that pursuing the next steps is worthwhile for both of you.

For more insight, read our blog posts on the types of resumes and cover letters we enjoy reading.

Making an initial contact

After we’ve made sure your application matches the position, you will most likely get a phone call from our recruiter. They will ask you basic questions to better understand why you applied for the position, your qualifications, and other questions to see if there is a good fit to move on to the next step.

The goal here is to further confirm that your profile matches the position and also to clarify anything that is left unclear, in a way that saves time when you come in for a live interview.

Getting to know You better

Whether it’s an in-person interview in one of our offices or a Skype interview, we want to know more about what inspires you professionally, what expertise you bring, and how you would fit into the Infobip culture.

If you applied for a senior or technical position the recruiter might be accompanied by a team leader in the interview. This additional interviewer will have a more intimate understanding about the technical aspects of the position.

Of course, since interviews are a two-way street, we also want to offer valuable information about the position, the team, the company, and answer all your questions.

Assessing your skills

To get a better feel for your skills and how you work, we ask candidates to complete some assignments at home. Usually these assignments represent tiny pieces of tasks that you would be doing if you are hired. These assignments give us a better understanding of how you would approach that particular task and give you a feel of what your potential job would entail.

Meeting managers and directors

Congratulations, you successfully passed your assignment and you’ve made it to the final round(s) of the interview stage! At this point, usually the Regional Manager and/or the Head of the department will also want to meet you.

By now you will probably have met 3-5 people related to the position, got a real feel of what you would be doing at your job, and got all the information that you need to make decisions.

The final step – joining Infobip

Which brings us to the final stage…joining us!

For senior or expert positions, you will be sent an offer to join us.

For more junior positions we typically offer you a spot in one of our specialized, and extensive, training programs – Infobip Academy, Dev Campus, or Support Campus. Once you complete this training you graduate as an Infobipper!

That’s it! We like to have our selection process reflect the way we do business—making quality decisions, quickly—so it shouldn’t take much longer than a couple of weeks from first phone call to offer.

And yes, if you haven’t already, you may hit that Apply Now button now!

Dec 14th, 2016
3 min read