Deliver Scalable Messaging With a Single SMS API Integration

Send and receive SMS messages globally with a reliable and easy-to-use SMS API.

Quick 2-step integration to send your message across

Enable SMS messaging for your global user base, easily scale global communications

  • Global coverage

    More direct operator connections than any other messaging provider guarantees reliable message delivery and superior performance.

  • Priority routing

    Set up different priority levels for your messaging traffic, ensuring expedited delivery for vital user messaging.

  • Number management

    Local long numbers or short codes available in 45+ countries – ready in minutes.

  • Long messages in any country

    Add the ability to send messages with 160+ characters, our platform displays them properly on any device.

  • Two-way communication

    Collect feedback and customer insight with two-way SMS, available in more countries globally than with any other provider.

  • Frictionless security

    Add user account, login and registration protection with SMS two-factor authentication. Combine with Mobile Identity for security that doesn’t compromise on user experience.

  • Real-time integrations

    Integrate with Infobip API to seamlessly send from your backend systems. Receive and process messages in real time.

  • Compliance and personalization

    Enable personalized messaging with segmentation and content type flexibility over a GDPR and HIPAA compliant service.

  • Additional features

    Use AutoResponse to automate simple processes like welcome messages and opt-in/opt-out. Our SMS couponing service can help you build loyalty while improving the customer experience.

Get started in just three simple steps!

  • Get your account

    Sign up with Infobip to start using the SMS API

  • Get your API key

    Use GUI or API to get your API key

  • Get your base URL

    Use a personal base URL for fastest API request responses

Get SMS API – sign up for your free Infobip account 

The fastest delivery over the highest number of direct operator connections of any messaging provider. Deliver messages from your systems quickly, reliably, and securely with Infobip API.