CarDekho: Improving the car buying process with WhatsApp Business Platform


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Meeting customer communication demands

CarDekho is an end-to-end car research portal where customers can find information based on their car preference and current car buying state. CarDekho’s editorial team provides updated information around every aspect of their car-buying journey which includes price, offers, dealers, comparison, and more to customers.

Until recently, CarDekho relied on channels such as SMS and email to notify their prospects about these deals. However, over time, customers began looking into new ways of communicating with brands in the Indian market.


WhatsApp Business Platform to drive customer engagement

To ensure their position as India’s leading auto tech company, along with the rise in popularity of chat apps over the last few years, CarDekho was exploring solutions that would help them communicate with prospects and customers over channels they already use – such as WhatsApp.

Since WhatsApp is the most used chat app in India, CarDekho decided it would be worthwhile to implement this as a new communication channel with customers.

The auto tech company came across Infobip on Facebook’s list of vendors who provide businesses with the WhatsApp Business Platform and has experience in the local region.

A few features that stood out the most to CarDekho were that WhatsApp:

  • Offers contextual communication – all conversation history is available for car dealers to pick up where they left off with prospects and customers. This eliminates the need for repeat conversations and lets car dealers provide faster service. 
  • Has policies in place to protect users against spam. Since WhatsApp has detailed guidelines on the type of messages that can be sent from businesses to consumers, customers trust that their conversations with CarDekho will be service-oriented, eliminating any marketing spam. 
  • Has high reach and engagement. Since WhatsApp is the most used chat app in India, CarDekho can be sure that their messages will be delivered, opened, and read by majority of the Indian market. 
  • Allows for rich content. The platform lets car dealers share other forms of content, such as videos, images, links, and documents – helping customers easily make informed decisions.  

Based on customers’ search criteria, CarDekho offers real-time support throughout the purchase journey. WhatsApp is primarily used to send alerts to prospective buyers about cars that are on sale, have entered the market, and fit their search criteria, or new releases that they have been keeping an eye on.


Increased customer engagement and superior support

Incorporating WhatsApp Business Platform turned out to be a great success – one that was almost guaranteed due to over 400 million active users on WhatsApp in India.

The campaign generated 15,000 conversations per day, with an average of 600 – 700 inquires requesting detailed information about vehicles and support from CarDekho. This is something WhatsApp Business is ideal for due to the rich messaging capabilities that includes the ability to send high-resolution images.

CarDekho results after using WhatsApp Business API

The convenience of the messaging channel shined through the two million sessions that happened over the platform throughout the campaign – along with only 1 to 1.5% of users opting out throughout the process.

It is important for any customer brand to always engage with impact. Infobip enabling WhatsApp Business has helped Cardekho achieve this. With WhatsApp Business and its rich communications capabilities, we have enhanced our services by providing meaningful and impactful product information and support to our customers. In addition, it has helped our brand stand out.

Anurag Jain

Chief Operations Officer and Co-founder of CarDekho

Company Profile


Founded in 2008, CarDekho is India’s leading auto tech company that helps users buy cars that are right for them. Its website and mobile app carry rich automotive content such as expert reviews, detailed specs and prices, comparisons, as well as videos and pictures of all car brands and models available in India. The company has tie-ups with more than 10 auto manufacturers, more than 54,000 auto dealers, and numerous financial institutions to facilitate the purchase of vehicles.