Carsome: Lead conversion up by 10% with omnichannel customer experience and real-time support


improvement in lead quality


increase in leads confirming appointments


Siloed communications led to an unoptimized customer experience

Carsome Group – Malaysia’s largest tech unicorn, and Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce platform for buying and selling used cars was looking to optimize their customer service and lead generation process.

With an aim to elevate the car buying and selling process, the digital native company introduced a new service to “Buy Cars” in addition to the existing “Sell Car”. However, the new service came with its set of communication challenges, including:

  • Unoptimized customer experience: The new service led to an increase in customer queries about how to buy cars online. But not being available on their customers preferred channels led to unanswered questions and ultimately a loss in leads.
  • Agent inefficiency: Not having a centralized platform to handle customer queries led to agents having to manually address social media questions without conversational history, and unable to provide real-time support. This hampered agent productivity and led to longer customer wait times.
  • Unverified customers: Carsome didn’t have a way to verify numbers of potential customers left on their website leading to agents having to make verification calls. This led to collecting bad leads and expensive authentication process.

To provide end-to-end solutions to their customers and used car dealers, Carsome needed an end-to-end omnichannel customer experience strategy to effectively engage potential customers and increase sales.


An omnichannel strategy powered by real-time support boosts CX and agent efficiency

To help Carsome engage with their customers in an effective way that boosts sales, we optimized their CX with an omnichannel strategy including:

Buying a car is likely to be the second most expensive purchase after a house. And customers are looking for a service that is easy to understand and an experience that is intuitive to their needs.

Converting website visitors to leads

Carsome understood the customer sentiment. With the website being the first port of call they integrated our Live Chat solution to help customers navigate effortlessly. A keyword chatbot enabled customers to find the right service. And if required the option to chat with an agent via Conversations for complex inquiries that need a human touch.

Being available on their customers’ preferred channel

By integrating WhatsApp Business API powered by Infobip, Carsome was able to provide personalized information or messages on their customer’s favorite chat app. Automated after-hour messages ensured customers received prompt replies and were not left waiting in the dark while waiting for an agent to reply.

This enabled Carsome to provide always-on support for test drive appointments, buying or selling cars, refunds, promotions, and feedback via a chatbot on their customer’s favorite channels – ensuring quick lead conversions.

In addition to WhatsApp, they were able to send out promotional emails personalized to their customers’ needs.

Verifying customers in a friction-free way

To solve the number authentication challenge, Carsome used SMS for OTP verification, filtering out invalid numbers.

And all this being managed by one unified platform resulted in agents having a view of the customers’ conversation history along with a friction-free customer experience.


Lower wait times and 10% improvement in lead quality

Carsome was able to engage with customers throughout their journey and at every touchpoint through a single platform. This omnichannel approach and self-service option resulted in:

  • Increased customer satisfaction – with real-time problem resolution and improved response rates
  • Less complaints and better reviews – with always-on support, and seamless agent takeover for complex queries
  • Better quality leads – due to friction-free verification and chatbots filtering requests before being sent to the agents to handle
  • Optimized lead conversion process – by being present on the customers’ preferred channels
  • Higher agent experience and productivity – due to keyword chatbots dealing with FAQ’s and simple queries

The adoption of an omnichannel CX strategy optimized the customer experience leading to quality leads, quicker conversions, and higher sales.

We’re happy to find a single platform solution to cover our entire customer journey right from service to transactional and promotional activities. Infobip’s solutions were not only easy to integrate but implement as well, enabling us to quickly get up and running with an omnichannel strategy. Answers helped us automate our communication over our customers preferred channels – web Live Chat and WhatsApp, Conversations empowered our agents to deal with complex queries, and SMS let us make the verification process seamless. With Infobip we’re truly able to provide our customers with a digitized car buying experience.

Anna Kim

Regional Marketing Director, Carsome



Carsome is Southeast Asia’s largest integrated car e-commerce platform present across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. They aim to digitalize the region’s used car industry by reshaping and elevating the car buying and selling experience. They are ranked in the top 50 of the Nikkei-FT-Statista High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2021 list.