ComparTfon: End-to-end customer engagement drives a new online sales channel


ComparTfon pivots to digital sales channel, but needs to improve conversion

ComparTfon is a Mexican telecoms service provider and a division of Compartamos Banco – the largest microfinance bank in Latin America.

It uses telco data to assess credit risk and bring financial services such as credit cards to people who would normally be excluded because of their low credit scores.

While ComparTfon customers are capable mobile users, and very comfortable using communication channels like WhatsApp, they don’t typically shop online.

So when COVID-19 forced ComparTfon to temporarily close its offline sales channels, the telecoms company realized it had a sizable challenge on its hands.

Not only did it need to pivot to a digital-only business model – it needed to shift its customers from an offline to an online purchase journey, providing relevant guidance and support, every step of the way.

When the online shop was its primary sales channel, the goal was to improve website conversion and reduce cart abandonment. To achieve this, ComparTfon needed to find a way to:

  • Help customers navigate the online customer journey using a communication channel they use and trust.
  • Provide valuable real-time support in an efficient, cost-effective, and scalable way to re-engage customers and minimize cart abandonment.
  • Capture the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of customers using the online store to identify improvement opportunities.


Moments, Conversations, and WhatsApp enable proactive support and engagement

ComparTfon quickly identified WhatsApp Business as the ideal channel for communicating in real time with customers as they navigate the online shopping experience. But the telecoms provider was looking for much more than a WhatsApp Business provider. ComparTfon needed a strategic customer communications partner, and chose Infobip for our:

  • End-to-end customer engagement tools: ComparTfon wanted a cost-effective and scalable way to apply data-driven insights and automation and improve its customer support and engagement.
  • Flexibility and scale: working with cloud-based solutions owned by Infobip would free up ComparTfon’s busy developer teams to focus on business-critical issues, rather than day-to-day platform maintenance and optimization.
  • Highly secure customer communications: security and compliance were front of mind for ComparTfon, as a division of Compartamos Banco, and so our strong security credentials and financial sector experience were very attractive.

ComparTfon chose Moments, our omnichannel customer engagement solution, to power its customer engagement strategy and track individual customer journeys.

Meanwhile Conversations, our cloud contact center solution, brings these real-time insights to contact center agents, for relevant and valuable support, from prospecting to post-sales that delivers business impact.

Together, these integrated cloud tools are helping ComparTfon capture customer insights that can be used across the entire organization.

Here are some of the ways the telecoms provider uses our solutions to transform customer communications and improve the effectiveness of its online sales channel:

  • Contextual communication: ComparTfon can create automated customer messaging flows, without the need for any coding. Website event triggers activate these flows and ensure that valuable and contextual info is shared with customers in the right moment.
  • Recovered purchase opportunities: ComparTfon is using Moments to power its cart abandonment strategy. Timely WhatsApp messages let customers connect with ComparTfon and bring them back into the purchase journey. WhatsApp usually only allows businesses to send transactional messages through its channel, but a pilot project in Mexico gave ComparTfon the opportunity to explore new use cases for real-time WhatsApp messaging.
  • Data-driven decision-making: events allow ComparTfon to design and refine lead scoring models that calculate the purchase probability of each lead. This makes it easy to understand where they need to focus their re-engagement efforts.
  • Proactive customer support: agents can quickly see exactly where a customer is in their purchase journey, which helps them provide timely support that reduces resolution times. Having a single view of workflows and analytics dashboards allows staff to quickly identify patterns, opportunities, and potential issues, before they escalate.
compartfon case study


Higher conversion and lower cart abandonment rates

Since implementing Infobip’s customer engagement solutions, ComparTfon has seen continual improvements across its conversion rate and cart abandonment rates.

Even with COVID-19, Infobip has been key for the digital channel to develop in terms of efficiency considering the customer segment we serve.

Using WhatsApp Business, a trusted, real-time communication channel – together with Moments and Conversations, for proactive customer support and engagement – makes it easy for ComparTfon customers to get help, complete purchases, and feel valued.

Crucially, our customer engagement solutions are allowing ComparTfon to become a data-driven, customer-centered organization, as Edwin Ortega, Martech Manager at ComparTfon, explains:

Moments changed our culture and digital capabilities. Conversations transformed us from a multichannel company into an omnichannel company and improved how our agents communicate with our customers. These solutions helped us create and maintain crucial connections between the company and our clients.Working with Infobip has been amazing. Now our technical teams can focus solely on business-critical issues, rather than having to develop and maintain all aspects of our customer communication solutions – that’s what Infobip does. COVID-19 may have partially closed our traditional sales channels, but Moments, Conversations and WhatsApp Business allowed us to become the business we are today.

Edwin Ortega

Martech Manager



ComparTfon is a Mexican telecoms service provider. It’s part of the largest microfinance bank in Latin America – Compartamos Banco – which serves more than 2.5 million clients. The operator uses telco data to help tackle financial exclusion. It identifies people with low credit scores who are low risk credit customers and gives them access to financial services including credit cards, as well as affordable internet services for their mobile phones.