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EaseMyTrip: Better Conversion and Customer Experience Through WhatsApp Business

EaseMyTrip: Better Conversion and Customer Experience Through WhatsApp Business


Increasing conversion and improving customer experience

With a target audience between the ages of 25 and 40, Indian company EaseMyTrip is always looking for ways to optimize their customer communication and to offer their customers the most convenient and innovative experience.

There were challenges EaseMyTrip was looking to solve. Firstly, they were looking for the right channel to engage their customers with the latest deals and updates.

Secondly, they wanted to improve their customers’ travelling experience by being able to deliver reliable and timely flight notifications to prevent unnecessary customer frustration.

Thirdly, they were interested in using WhatsApp Business due to the rise of WhatsApp adoption in India.

To solve all these challenges and implement new ideas to improve their customer journey, they needed a messaging partner that could help them start using new services quickly, one with quick to market solutions.


Implementing WhatsApp Business and SMS through Infobip API

The solution to improve EaseMyTrip’s customer communication was two-fold – WhatsApp Busines API and SMS used at different stages and according to customer preference.

With over 400 million users in India and the ability to support rich media capabilities, WhatsApp was the obvious choice to send pdf e-tickets to their customers conveniently. After the purchase of the ticket is performed on the EaseMyTrip site, their customer receives a WhatsApp message with a .pdf e-ticket.

WhatsApp was simple to implement using WhatsApp Business API. During that time, Infobip’s CSM guided EaseMyTrip through use cases, regulations, and sender registration, while the Presales team made sure the technical integration went as planned.

SMS is an established, and one of the most preferred communication channels in India. This is why EaseMyTrip used Infobip’s web-based interface for campaign creation to share the latest promotional deals with their customer base. The tool allowed them to be flexible in both campaign creation and testing different approaches, while the URL tracking feature gave EaseMyTrip insight into their message engagement.

Lastly, Infobip helped EaseMyTrip with sharing time-critical information about flight changes. Whenever a flight is delayed, for example, an SMS containing vital information about it is triggered and sent to the exact target audience affected by this change.

As EaseMyTrip’s business is a 24/7 service, Infobip’s 24/7 support with local language and local presence ensured all solutions were running smoothly.


Better conversion and customer experience

EaseMyTrip was able to increase their engagement and improve customer experience with the use of SMS and WhatsApp in their communication efforts.

SMS helped their customers receive important flight information on time, while WhatsApp played a significant role in improving the customer experience – proving to be an ideal solution that gave EaseMyTrip customers additional value and truly eased their trips and ticket bookings.

While tapping into the new chat channel, they also addressed the problem they had with their emails containing important flight details not being opened on time. With WhatsApp, the waiting time for customers’ response dropped to an average of 10 minutes.

Seeing the positive impact WhatsApp has had on their day to day business, EaseMyTrip decided to upgrade their customer communication even further. They are now building a chatbot for customer support, which will help their customers discover their ideal trip easily and enables them to book a flight in only three to four steps.

Akshay Sharda
Head Of Digital

Infobip solutions helped us improve the conversion of website visitors into customers. Implementing SMS has helped us in engaging our customers, while WhatsApp showed to be a great channel for our booking confirmation. They like the easy way they can manage their booking information. Also, Infobip provided great support with both their business and technical teams – enabling us to quickly go to market with new services.

Company profile


EaseMyTrip is an Indian online travel company founded in 2008. Headquartered in New Delhi, the company provides hotel bookings, air tickets, holiday packages, bus bookings, and white-label services. EaseMyTrip has a network of over 47,000 travel agents and overseas offices in London, Singapore, Dubai, Maldives, and Bangkok.