Gamigo: Increasing gamer engagement with real-time SMS notifications


of active players have signed up


Increasing player engagement

Many of Gamigo’s global users opt-in to receive notifications about game updates and status changes so they don’t miss a thing – even when they are offline.

Gamigo used to send email notifications to share this information with them, however, the messages were often missed because players didn’t check their inboxes very often.

Receiving notifications over a channel they rarely use impacted players’ reaction time to the changes and updates happening in the game, which resulted in complaints to Gamigo’s support team.

Gamigo wanted to introduce a communication channel that would keep gamers consistently informed and engaged.


Keeping players updated with real-time SMS notifications

Since SMS messages are read within 3 minutes, Gamigo decided to use this channel through Infobip’s platform to deliver notifications that bring players back to the game.

Given their global gamer community, Gamigo found value in Infobip’s global reach and reliable network.

Gamigo delivers daily SMS alerts about in-game changes that may affect a player’s results or position, such as incoming attacks or character changes. Messages are triggered by players’ behavior and are delivered instantly to their mobile phones in real time – reaching them when they are both online and offline.

The easy deployment of Infobip’s solution for increasing engagement ensures there are no disruptions to the overall business and gaming experience.


An increase in gamer engagement and a decrease in complaints

Using SMS as a communication channel increased gamer engagement and reduced complaints within just three months.

Now, gamers stay connected even when they’re not playing, and timely notifications give serious gamers the information they need to win.

80% of active players signed up for Gamigo's premium plan

Although notifications are a part of Gamigo’s premium package, 80% of active players have signed up, underscoring the value they provide to their player community.

Infobip has provided us with exactly what we need –an engagement solution that provides real-time, reliable communications that deliver real value to our customers. And they appreciate it! We have gained valuable support and consultancy from the Infobip team regarding best practices and regulations, especially when expanding to new markets.

Ricardo Manrique

Head of Product Management and Unit Director

Company Profile


Gamigo is one of Germany’s leading online gaming groups, offering a comprehensive global gaming platform incorporating more than 30 online and 500 casual games, with a primary focus on Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games – such as Desert Operations. The company is constantly expanding its portfolio to attract new players as well as to keep current players interested with something new every time.