Creating Conversational Customer Experiences

Today’s customers expect their brand interactions to be convenient, conversational, and efficient. For businesses, this requires new omnichannel strategies to modernize and improve their customer experience. 

Leveraging chat apps for customer communications enables businesses to create a direct, trusted, always-on connection throughout the entire customer journey—through the channels that customers prefer.

In the new eBook, Creating Conversational Customer Experiences, explore how a new generation of business chat solutions is helping companies to fully realize their omnichannel strategies—cost-effectively and at scale.

Explore how Infobip’s easily integrated apps, powered by Microsoft, can enhance existing technologies and communication strategies to:

  • Improve and personalize contact center solutions 
  • Offer more convenient and cost-effective customer support 
  • Track behavior and performance through data platforms  
  • Boost customer engagement capabilities with proactive messages on relevant channels