The WhatsApp Business Platform A-Z guide

Learn everything businesses need to know about making WhatsApp Business Platform a part of their omnichannel strategy.

Engage more customers

WhatsApp is used by more than 2 billion people worldwide to send more than 100 billion messages, daily. And this number is set to rise with WhatsApp seeing more than 283.5 million downloads throughout 2022. With an open rate of 98%, it’s no wonder that more than 5 million businesses already use WhatsApp Business Platform to engage with their customers.


open rate for WhatsApp messages

Create highly personalized interactions at scale

WhatsApp Business Platform was designed to help small, medium and large enterprises create personalized interactions with their customers at scale. This WhatsApp Business Platform A-Z guide walks you through how to achieve this – from awareness to conversion to support.

Learn about opt-ins and how to collect them to stay compliant

Opt-ins allow you to connect with your customers to guide them through their customer journeys and beyond.

Learn more about opt-ins and how to collect consent from your customers to create rich customer journeys.

Start conversations with your customers

Attract customers and get the conversation started by leveraging various organic and paid entry points.

We share helpful tips and some best practices to turn your WhatsApp Business Platform into a real conversation starter.

Discover use cases for every industry

Uncover new use cases relevant to your industry and enhance customer experiences for improved customer lifetime value. In this guide, you will discover use cases for retail, finance and on-demand.

Automate personalized interactions at scale with chatbots

Discover how you can use WhatsApp Business Platform together with chatbots to create personalized conversational customer experiences at scale.

In this guide we share examples and best practices for designing and deploying WhatsApp chatbots, as well as various message types to maximize engagement.

Learn from the leaders

See how industry leaders have leveraged WhatsApp Business Platform to optimize their business and achieve growth across their organizations.