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Get your mailing lists ready before shopping season begins

Validate email database with a 50% discount in October only. Take advantage of our offer and save your budget for other goals

Clean email lists to maximize delivery rates

Use our API or web interface to get rid from invalid contacts and maximize ROI for your holiday campaigns

High Speed Email Validation API

Get industry-leading delivery rates of 98,89%

Validate 3 million emails per hour. Easy setup with just 3 lines of code – get started validating your email lists in just a few minutes.

Optimized Budgets

Avoid overspending on emails that don’t get delivered

We detect all possible causes of email failure – invalid or non-existent mailboxes, syntax errors, disposable or temporary email addresses, role-based emails, and catch-all domains. Get rid of them to cleanse your database.

Accurate Reporting

Reach the right recipients every time

We care about accuracy and provide you with a detailed report covering all invalid addresses. Get suggestions for possible corrections to ensure that you don’t lose valid contacts from your list.

Flexible Pricing Model

50% off email validation throughout October

Save budget with a one-off special offer on email validation. Pay-as-you-go with no monthly charges and no hidden costs.