Maximize delivery rates with Email Validation

Give your emails the best chance of being delivered by validating all email addresses and keeping a clean database. 

Verify emails and connect with the right people

Use our API or web interface to find invalid email addresses and increase deliverability rates and performance, and protect sender reputation. 

Reach industry-leading delivery rates of 99.4% 

With just three lines of code, start cleaning your database instantly and validate up to 3 million emails per hour on our high-speed Email Validation API. 

Avoid overspending on emails that don’t get delivered

We detect invalid or non-existent mailboxes, syntax errors, disposable or temporary email addresses, role-based emails, and catch-all domains so you can refrain from sending emails to faulty addresses. 

Reach the right recipients every time

Ensure you’re delivering emails to the right people by utilizing reports on all invalid emails in your database and suggestions for possible corrections.  

Only pay for what you validate

With a pay-as-you-go payment plan with no monthly charges and no hidden costs, you only pay for the emails you validate. 

Start validating your email lists

Check and clean your contacts before sending emails to achieve the best delivery and improved ROI.