A2P Partnership

Solving Go-to-Market Challenges for Mobile Operators

The preferred partner for mobile operators and large enterprises, with the goal of positioning MNOs in the center of the value chain.

The A2P messaging opportunity

Seize the opportunity presented by global A2P messaging growth and increase revenue from new sources.

Go-to revenue channel

Consistent innovation and the introduction of enterprise services have turned A2P SMS into the most utilized communication channel on the planet.

A2P on the rise

From 1.4 trillion A2P messages sent in 2014, an expected rise to 2 trillion and $71.4 billion expected to be generated by 2019, it’s the key driver of worldwide SMS revenue.

Capitalizing on the opportunity

Infobip's platform helps operators get the most out of their A2P SMS capacity through a combination of network filtering, expert consultancy in monetizing existing traffic, and creation of new revenue.

Protect, Monetize and Extend Your Network Capabilities

A2P monetization and network protection

Seize the A2P opportunity with proactive protection of your network for greater traffic monetization. Protect your network from unsolicited traffic and SS7 attacks.

SS7 analysis capability enables an in-depth view of all possible manipulations allowing continuous adoption of filtering and alerting to fight complex fraud scenarios. Infobip’s monetization support and business development teams consult you on how to optimize and manage rules, and engage with content providers on pricing.

  • Best-in-class SS7 analysis
  • Message content and SS7 stack analysis
  • Direct access to monitoring and reporting systems
  • 24/7/365 proactive local and international traffic monitoring
  • A2P traffic monetization
  • Full control of international A2P messaging traffic
  • Revenue, SMS fraud leakage and messaging traffic disbalance reports

Enterprise partnership

Speed up time-to-market and extend your portfolio with fully developed enterprise services.

We’re focused on building full-stack ecosystems on country levels and exposing it to global enterprises, resulting in a greater influx of enterprise-grade traffic and partnerships with your network. The enterprise partnership model brings mobile operators access the entire Infobip messaging platform, allowing them to market it as their own and Infobip as technology partner. The combined sales efforts drive A2P SMS traffic and revenues for the operator.

Croatian Telecom

Expanding service portfolios for key banking clients with Croatian Telecom

By using Infobip’s robust enterprise solution - mGate, Croatian Telecom brought its clients a significantly wider service portfolio, but also adapted its technology resources to what the enterprise market called for.


Croatian Telecom

  • API and web portal platform access
  • Infobip integration and support
  • Co-branded marketing and sales efforts
  • Monetization of new enterprise and OTT clients
  • Decreased time-to-market for enterprise-grade communications


Get a fully-managed instance of Infobip’s core A2P platform covered by continuous infrastructure development, full-stack end-user support and handling of operational services.

From managing end-to-end operations and offering technical solutions, managing customers and offering technical assistance to billing and full management of your A2P SMS traffic. This solution brings you all the global experience and technical excellence of sGate and monetization support.

  • End-to-end operations management
  • Tailored A2P monetization models
  • Business consultancy
  • End-user management and support
  • Fully-managed instance of our core A2P platform
  • Sales and marketing support

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