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The A2P messaging opportunity

Seize the opportunity of A2P messaging growth to increase revenue from new sources.


Changing communication habits are driving the continued growth of A2P SMS as the key channel for customer engagement and 2-factor authentication.


From 1.4 trillion A2P messages sent in 2014, an expected rise to 2 trillion and $71.4 billion expected to be generated by 2019, it’s the key driver of worldwide SMS revenue.


Infobip's platform helps operators get the most out of their A2P SMS capacity with flexible solutions including SMS firewall filtering and monetization, enterprise solutions and platform management.

Protect, Monetize and Extend Your Network Capabilities

A2P SMS monetization and network protection

Seize the A2P opportunity and create a fully monetized messaging ecosystem. Proactively protect your network from SS7, SMPP and SIM box-based vulnerabilities and benefit from a range of consultancy options.

SS7, SMPP and SIM box analysis capability enables an in-depth view of all possible manipulations allowing continuous adoption of filtering and alerting to reverse revenue leakage. Infobip’s monetization consultants and business development teams advise you on how to optimize and manage rules, and engage with content providers on pricing.

  • 24/7/365 proactive international and local traffic monitoring
  • Message content analysis of SS7, SMPP and SIM box traffic
  • Spam filtering and fraud detection
  • A2P traffic monetization and expert consultancy
  • Web portal for real time monitoring and reporting
  • Machine learning-powered alghorithms

Enterprise partnership

Speed up time-to-market and extend your portfolio with fully developed enterprise services.

The Enterprise Partnership model lets mobile operators deploy a full omnichannel enterprise messaging platform, offering enterprises solutions that fit different requirements – API, web portal or database integration.

The service is white labeled, and operators keep the contractual relationship with their enterprise clients. The operator and Infobip jointly do sales in the market, with Infobip leveraging its expertise to develop new business cases.

Croatian Telecom

Expanding service portfolios for key banking clients with Croatian Telecom

By using Infobip’s robust enterprise solution - mGate, Croatian Telecom brought its clients a significantly wider service portfolio, but also adapted its technology resources to what the enterprise market called for.


Croatian Telecom

  • API and web portal platform access
  • Infobip integration and support
  • Co-branded marketing and sales efforts
  • Monetization of new enterprise and OTT clients
  • Decreased time-to-market for enterprise-grade communications

A2P Business-as-a-Service

Get a fully-managed A2P communications platform to expand and boost your messaging business.

The BaaS solution is a synergy of all Infobip’s telco solutions, giving operators access to the world’s leading CPaaS platform with wholesale, filtering and enterprise solutions. BaaS relieves you of the complexities of running the messaging business and lets you focus on your core markets.

  • End-to-end operations management
  • Tailored A2P monetization models
  • Co-branded marketing and sales efforts
  • End-user management and support
  • Fully-managed instance of our core A2P platform
  • Sales and marketing support

Infobip RCS MaaP Hub

Seize the next gen messaging opportunity

RCS is at the heart of a new messaging ecosystem driven by mobile operators and opening up new revenue opportunities as demand for rich media enterprise messaging keeps growing. A2P RCS lets enterprises connect with their customers over a native, rich messaging service that comes with all the features mobile users demand and expect. It is also a part of Infobip’s wide range of enterprise messaging services and channels, which further extends the revenue opportunity for mobile operators.

Infobip provides operators
with full A2P RCS enablement:

  • RCS MaaP gateway
  • Enterprise connectivity and tools
  • Billing and reporting tools
  • Flexibility in deployment options (cloud or onsite)

Infobip's A2P RCS solution brings the entire gamut
of rich features that enterprises need and users demand:

  • Chatbots
  • Rich media transfer – images, videos, links
  • Threaded conversations
  • 2-way messaging
  • Auto reply options
  • Message delivery and message seen reports

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