Understand performance at macro and micro levels

Optimize the time you spend on measurement.


A single intuitive web interface to bring together all customer communication channels to understand their effectiveness. Choose from a range of options that suit your needs: dashboard view, summary metrics or customized reports.


One dashboard to measure performance across all channels

Monitor trends across all channels and respond in real-time with our dashboard. Easy-to-view graphics offer a detailed insight into how each platform is performing in real-time, supported by a range of metrics including distribution status, cost, delivery rates, and more.

Multiple report types

Customized reports for insights that add value

Measure omnichannel communication effectiveness with customized reports while avoiding manual data entry, integration, or analysis. Choose from a range of predefined report templates for quick insight. Define report parameters including users, channels and time periods and get the insights you need with just a few clicks.


Effective troubleshooting with communication logs

Resolve issues quickly by searching through communication logs. We track and log every message, so you can drill down for deep-dive insights that help you pinpoint issues for rapid troubleshooting.

Automated reporting

Automated report generation

Receive timely information and avoid repetitive tasks by setting up automated reports. Set up recurring reports on specific dates.


Optimize campaign ROI

Track which channels and messages are performing the best to optimize your communication and impact the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Make a positive impact on customer experience

Analyze audience behavior related to time and intensity of communication and adjust communication based on their reaction.

Keep your customers happy

Know critical alert messages delivery status in real-time and react accordingly to avoid customer complaints.

You're in good company


  • 600+ direct-to-carrier connections
  • Connect with the whole world; over 7 billion people and things
  • Strong enterprise client base
  • 60 offices/6 continents/10 data centers

Our global reach and local presence enable us to react faster, engage more, and have meaningful face to face discussions with our clients. This allows us to create tailor-made solutions in-line with local requirements and based on proven global best-practices.

  • Best-in-class delivery rates
  • High speed and reliability
  • Low latency
  • In-house developed platform

Our solutions are created to adapt to the constantly changing market and communication trends at speeds and levels of precision and personalization that only an in-house solution can offer.  We help our clients to overcome the complexity of consumer communications, increase customer satisfaction and grow their businesses – all in a fast, secure and reliable way.

  • Technical expertise
  • Solutions consultancy
  • Customer success management
  • 24/7 local support and network monitoring

We aim to provide a remarkable customer experience by going beyond expectations and delivering consistent, personalized service. We will help you to get up and running in no time, whether it’s assisting with integrations, messaging best practices or solutions consultancy.

Understand performance at macro and micro levels