Create rich customer profiles for more targeted communication

Improve your customer targeting and personalize communication.


Bring all your customer data together in one place and create in-depth customer profiles, including parameters like channel preferences and communication history.

Customized profiles

Create customized customer profiles

Build comprehensive profiles for each customer to create audience segments for more precise targeting. Import your existing databases and use as is, or create custom fields with just a few clicks. You can augment your customer profiles with each interaction.

Merge duplicate profiles

Automatically merge duplicate profiles

Our system automatically identifies and merges duplicates to create a single, unique record for each customer so you can streamline omnichannel communication management.


Filters for precise segmentation

Apply filters to select multiple attributes with just a few clicks to define customer segments to run contextual, micro-targeted communications. Our system dynamically moves customers in and out of segments as their customer attributes changes.

Tags and blacklist management

Tags to enrich customer profiles

Enrich and organize customer profiles with new data over time with tags to create target groups of customers based on these new inputs. Use tags to manage subscriptions and opt-outs, as well as customer importance.

Data Synchronization

Combine multiple datasets

Bring all your customer data into a single place. Import data using CSV and Excel files, or use our API to sync with your CRM system. No more time and resources wasted on toggling between multiple systems and data files.


Automate customer profiling

Connect Infobip with your internal business system to create a unified customer profile from different data sources.

Optimize customer communication

Organize customers into segments and send personalized, action-triggered messages.

Unify the customer journey

Use updated customer profiles to create a unified, personalized experience across all communication channels.

You're in good company


  • 600+ direct-to-carrier connections
  • Connect with the whole world; over 7 billion people and things
  • Strong enterprise client base
  • 60 offices/6 continents/10 data centers

Our global reach and local presence enable us to react faster, engage more, and have meaningful face to face discussions with our clients. This allows us to create tailor-made solutions in-line with local requirements and based on proven global best-practices.

  • Best-in-class delivery rates
  • High speed and reliability
  • Low latency
  • In-house developed platform

Our solutions are created to adapt to the constantly changing market and communication trends at speeds and levels of precision and personalization that only an in-house solution can offer.  We help our clients to overcome the complexity of consumer communications, increase customer satisfaction and grow their businesses – all in a fast, secure and reliable way.

  • Technical expertise
  • Solutions consultancy
  • Customer success management
  • 24/7 local support and network monitoring

We aim to provide a remarkable customer experience by going beyond expectations and delivering consistent, personalized service. We will help you to get up and running in no time, whether it’s assisting with integrations, messaging best practices or solutions consultancy.

Create rich customer profiles for more targeted communication