Silvio Kutić

Co-founder and CEO, Infobip

Silvio has been the visionary and driving force behind Infobip’s growth and strategic focus since he founded the company in 2006. With COO Roberto Kutić and CTO Izabel Jelenić, he helped bootstrap the company from zero to $1bn in revenue just 14 years later with no external investment.  

In 2020, Infobip became Croatia’s first unicorn, valued at more than $1bn, when it raised $200m from private equity firm One Equity Partners. Infobip now employs more than 3,700 employees worldwide, has expanded to 70+ offices across six continents, and is directly connected to over 800+ mobile network operators.  

Before Infobip, Silvio Kutić used mobile phones to send and receive information, creating his first project Virtual Community, which enabled group communications over the web, email and SMS. The first collective message was a Christmas text, shared from the local town hall in Vodnjan to its more far-flung diaspora. After several iterations and further projects, Silvio began building a communication API platform. And thats how Infobip was born.  

An entrepreneur at heart, Silvio wanted to start a company of his own from an early age. After finishing his M.Sc. at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, he started Infobip with two friends sharing the same mindset and enthusiasm for technology and innovation within the communications industry.  

Fueled by a passion for technology, Silvio believes in a non-hierarchical work structure and that the best things are built on a foundation of togetherness. This belief, and his humble leadership approach, has shaped Infobip’s culture and continues as the business pursues exponential growth.  

Outside of work, Silvio loves reading, playing squash and beach volleyball. 

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