Enhance your IoT connectivity management with Things  

We provide you the network connectivity to collect and exchange data – and build your internet of things. 

Build an IoT with Things 

You get full control of your IoT assets with complete SIM and eSIM management. We take care of the heavy lifting so that you can focus on turning your ideas into IoT solutions. 

Communicate anywhere in the world

Track assets anywhere in the world, improve delivery times by optimizing routes, and minimize theft with global IoT.

Real-time status updates

Ensure service continuity by immediately detecting issues or malfunctions, and track key performance indicators.

Elevate IoT connectivity management  

We’ll help you craft, deploy and manage your ideas every step of the way.  


Bring your idea to life. Try Things for free and quickly prototype with free IoT SIMs.


Connect your offline devices through our CPaaS and bring them fully online – backed with our 24/7 global support.


Ensure constant uptime through unparalleled connectivity.


Take full control of your assets with remote SIM monitoring and management. Get alerts and react in real-time to any threats.


Keep your devices secure and up-to-date using single or grouped device logins for firmware updates, troubleshooting, or network management.

Choose from API or platform connectivity

Codeless or via API – we support whatever your system requires.

Try out Things for free and get 2 IoT capable SIMs and 100MB per card to help you bring your
idea to life.

Implement the right IoT technology 


Connect wearable devices to monitor user vital signs and send relevant, timely medical alerts.

Transportation and logistics

Manage your fleets and improve delivery with real-time route optimization. Monitor driver alertness and send rest reminders.


Reduce energy consumption, manage stocks and expensive industry equipment with smart IoT solutions.


Give customers precise delivery times by tracking products through the entire supply chain process, monitoring movement, and tracking locations.


Enhance project efficiency using connected sensors and actuators to monitor and manage the environment.


Improve patient wellbeing and treatment with smart devices to monitor vital signs, moods, and their environment.

Ready to start using Things?

We can help you manage your IoT connectivity and allow you to create and develop the perfect IoT solution for your business.  

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Amplify your IoT solution with robust features  

Automated SIM orders

Fast and easy IoT SIM procurement via the web interface. Pick size, quantities, technology – and just add your shipping information.

Easy IoT SIM management

Manage the statuses of your IoT SIMs – from activation to deactivation at the end of the IoT device lifecycle.

Limits, insights, and alerts

Get helpful insights about your data consumption and keep track of your usage across hourly, daily, and monthly stats.

SMS communication

Use SMS to control your devices. Optimize energy consumption and wake them up from sleep mode, or send configuration updates

Anomaly detection

Receive instant alerts by monitoring device behavior and check for suspicious activity based on device history.

Geo locations

Keep track of your IoT device locations in real time by retrieving radio technology data to let you know exactly where your devices are.

Deploy IoT connectivity at scale

Infobip guarantees the best IoT connectivity, globally, through our expansive network of mobile operator agreements.

Our connectivity allows us to provide the proactive support that ensures your service continuity.

Stay connected to your devices with Things, no matter where they are in the world and be rest assured.

Build your Internet of Things
with Infobip

We have you covered – from prototyping to deployment and beyond, all over the world. Let’s build your IoT with Things.