Solutions and Services

The IoT Connectivity Management Solution

Start remotely managing IoT connectivity services and communication with IoT devices across the globe – through our console or API. Our IoT solution, Things, gives you complete oversight of your business by monitoring network parameters, device performance, and internet costs in real time. 

Control, monitor, and manage

Anywhere in the world, with Infobip Things.


Build and scale your innovation

Build and scale IoT technology by connecting your things with Infobip’s SIM, which works on multiple networks in the country of the IoT deployment. 


Maximize uptime

Uptime is maximized by intelligently and automatically switching networks when the signal becomes weak or is lost completely. 


Save time and resources

Detailed network insights help you find out if the problem is the SIM connectivity or the commands of the IoT device – so you no longer have to visit the site every time there is a challenge. 


Increase customer satisfaction

Reduce troubleshooting time and complaints by remotely checking network metrics to gain insight into the issue at hand. In case of anomalies, fraudulent activities, or reaching predefined data peeks, you will be alerted on time – giving you the freedom to suspend the service automatically. 


Details matter

With Infobip analytics, you can predict the running costs of the connectivity of your things and continuously be informed about the day-to-day situation – allowing you to budget your complete IoT deployment easily. 

More stability, improved device control, better business reputation

Improved Operational Efficiency and Flight Safety with Infobip Things

Reducing Customer Complaints by 50% with Infobip Things

Infobip’s IoT solution gave us full SIM management and unparalleled reliability. Our users recognized this and continue to value the service quality we can provide them, thanks to the service quality that is provided to us.

— Tihana Petricevic, CEO, Silver Monitor

Using Infobip’s IoT global sims helped us become a paperless cabin crew. Now, our pilots, cabin and ground crews are always connected – regardless of where they are in the world. As a result, we’ve improved operational efficiency, increased flight safety, and reduced costs. We look forward to expanding our services with Infobip in the future to deliver real-time information to our customers.

— Marko Brankovic, Flight Operations Manager at ETF Airways

Infobip Things helped us overcome huge challenges with connecting our smart lock devices to the internet. Infobip’s global coverage and expertise increased the reliability of our devices and reduced customer complaints by 50%. Joining Infobip’s Startup Tribe helped us set the foundation for global expansion.

— Peter Bruner, COO