Enable ordering on WhatsApp

Guide customers through their purchasing journey by offering ordering options on the world’s most popular chat app.

Accept customer orders on WhatsApp

Make ordering simple by keeping your customers engaged on a single channel.

There’s no need to switch between apps or browsers when customers can submit their orders directly on WhatsApp.

Allow customers to explore catalogs, view lists of their previous purchases and quickly place an order all within a single conversation.

Collect food and take-out orders on WhatsApp

Placing orders on WhatsApp is ideal for restaurants and caterers. Once customers have opted in to receive messages from your business, you can send menus with details on items using WhatsApp product messages.

Customers can then choose which menu items they would like to order simply by responding to your message or by clicking on a call-to-action button on WhatsApp

Make food ordering simpler by providing them with a list of previous orders they have placed from your business. List messages from WhatsApp makes repeat ordering faster and more efficient

Customers never have to leave the WhatsApp conversation to browse a menu and place an order for pick-up or delivery

Enable ordering on WhatsApp for eCommerce

Online shopping has skyrocketed in recent years, and eCommerce businesses have an opportunity to make ordering faster and more convenient than ever.

Simplify purchases

Make online shopping more convenient than ever by allowing customers to browse products directly in the chat. Utilize WhatsApp product messages so customers can learn more about products before placing their order over WhatsApp.

  • Fashion brands
  • Electronic shops
  • Auto body shops
  • Cosmetic stores
  • Hardware stores

Accept banking and financial orders via WhatsApp

Customers must often renew contracts with their financial institution. Make it simple by sending order forms over WhatsApp to ensure that they don’t miss a deadline and lock in renewal offers on time.

Process credit card or loan renewals through a WhatsApp conversation

Make it simple for customers to renew contracts or order new credit cards on a secure and reliable channel by accepting orders through WhatsApp.

  • Insurance renewals
  • Loan renewals
  • Investment renewals
  • Credit cards

Reduce wait times for medical orders

Allow patients and customers to order their medical supplies, equipment or medicine over WhatsApp with list messages.

Allow customers message to their local pharmacy or medical center via WhatsApp

Patients can get instant support without having to leave their home or wait in crowded waiting rooms by placing their orders through WhatsApp and receiving a notification when their medication is ready for pick-up.

  • Prescription refills
  • Over the counter medicine
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Ointments and creams

Integrate WhatsApp Business Platform API in an instant

Start unlocking opportunities to scale communications and grow engagement with a flexible API supported by developers.

  • Access detailed API documentation
  • Get 24/7 integration support
  • Create custom message templates

Benefit from enabling ordering with WhatsApp and Infobip

Interact on a single channel

Remove the hassle of having to download multiple apps in order to place orders. Meet your customers where they are, allow them to browse items, read up on details and place an order all on a single channel.

Easy-to-use features

With rich messaging features, customers can receive menus, product messages, list messages and even PDF files of receipts within WhatsApp.

Order from anywhere

Customers can place orders no matter where they are, conveniently, over their favorite chat app.

Multiple entry-points

Entice customers to try ordering over WhatsApp with click-to-WhatsApp ads on social media, or offline QR codes that give them quick and easy access to your WhatsApp channel.

Stay compliant

Make sure all your WhatsApp order messages are compliant with local laws. With over 40 data centers worldwide and local presence in six continents, we help make sure your messages stay compliant and get delivered.

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Explore the tools you need to enable WhatsApp order messages

Automate and personalize interactions on WhatsApp to include the ordering process. With our robust platform, you can craft and build message flows and chatbots that help guide customers through their purchasing journey.

Get to know your customer with People CDP

Collect and build detailed customer profiles that help you segment individuals based on their interests. Entice the orders and make sure the products or items are relevant to that customer.

Craft message flows on Moments

Our omnichannel customer engagement solution lets you craft the perfect message flows to guide your customers while they order. Send them event or behavior triggered messages with relevant products that will encourage them to order within WhatsApp.

Accept orders over a chatbot on Answers

Build a chatbot that can answer frequent questions and speed up the time to place an order on our chatbot building platform. Customers can interact with a self-service WhatsApp chatbot and quickly place orders while getting immediate support.

Get personalized support with Conversations

Our cloud contact center will allow live agents to interact with end-users over WhatsApp. They can get detailed and personalized assistance. Employees will have a full view of the customer’s past interactions and engagement, making time to resolution faster.

Start accepting orders on WhatsApp