With 40 Countries Covered, 2-Way Goes All the Way

By adding China, Denmark and Kyrgyzstan coverage our 2-Way service is currently live in 40 countries around the world and that list is constantly expanding. This is a good thing for enterprises that already consider the longevity and convenience of SMS a well-known story, a must for every consumer-oriented organisation. However, the service can be much more than most CEOs and their Marketing Managers realise.

Unlocking the full SMS potential

In most cases, SMS is looked at purely from a one-way service standpoint, without actually understanding its 2-Way potential. The biggest advantage of 2-Way SMS is the fact that the customers are most receptive when they ask for the information themselves.

Taking into account our ever-expanding 2-Way coverage, the possibilities are endless. Build strong relationships with your customers by providing information directly requested by your consumer – anything from balance, loyalty points, weather, traffic, brand updates is right there, exactly when they want it.

You can even engage them with promotional coupons and prizes waiting to be won by simply returning an SMS. This interactive service has also proven itself as a powerful channel for collecting public opinion data in the form of polling campaigns, ensuring prompt and easy feedback for your business.

Managing your 2-Way communication

There really is no easier way of managing your 2-Way SMS campaign than by using Infobip services. We provide short codes, virtual long numbers, the most complete campaign management solution and our services keep covering more ground at a rapid rate.

Aug 7th, 2014
2 min read