The power of 5G: Transforming your CX at high speed

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Razan Saleh

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The fifth generation of telecom (5G) networks is one of the most transformational technologies we’ve ever seen. It began to hit the market at the end of 2018 and continues to spread globally very quickly.

Beyond speed, the technology is expected to bring in a massive 5G IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem, in which networks can handle the communication needs of billions of wireless connections while maintaining an optimal balance of speed, latency, and cost.

5G offers an opportunity for businesses to drive value and genuinely augment the customer experience.

Here we discuss how 5G works, a few emerging use cases for different industries and how you can capitalize on the benefits of this technology.

5G at a glance

The global adoption of 5G networks has taken off with rapid expansion. However, the public understanding of the new technology hasn’t caught up yet.

Let’s take a step back. While 3G and 4G offered us mobile Internet and mobile broadband, respectively, altering how we engage with our environment, 5G will connect everyone with everything.

The technology is designed to dramatically increase network capacity, allowing cars, utility grids, appliances, medical devices, industrial machinery, houses, cities, farms, and other gadgets to all be connected.

5G will reduce interruptions and improve security, enabling mission-critical services like remote surgery, self-driving cars, and enhanced public safety by providing secure connections 20 times faster than the previous 4G LTE technology.

And due to its comprehensive transport security algorithms and precautions, 5G is designed to be more secure than any previous cellular technology.

Business benefits of 5G

Today’s world is more remote and less physically connected. 5G will change that by enabling businesses to interact seamlessly with customers and build meaningful relationships.

The features of this technology address the requirement for a flexible and secure enterprise connection alternative that many companies have long desired. Here are a few benefits businesses can capitalize on:

  • Automation: Lower latency and increased speed make this technology a feasible option for automating branch offices and retail shops.
  • Alternative options for dedicated links: 5G provides cheaper and more flexible options for  MPLS and other dedicated lines used for latency-sensitive applications
  • More users and devices: 5G supports more users and devices connected at the same time and in the same physical area due to its higher capacity.
  • Enhanced Security: 5G is a more secure choice for IoT, branch, and other enterprise traffic due to additional security features such as key management services.

Telecoms, cloud technology providers, manufacturers, and governments worldwide are all working to make 5G a more secure technology, which should alleviate many of the security concerns that businesses have today.

Infobip’s Mobile Identity offers tailored security controls to individual apps and mobile devices, ensuring only authorized users have access. It enables simple user authentication without compromising the user experience. Because 5G is programmable, emerging security solutions, such as Mobile Identity, can be easily integrated.

Emerging use cases across different industries

5G can help telecoms create new revenue streams while also accelerating the digitization of practically every industry.

Here are a few use cases of various sectors leveraging 5G connectivity to improve the customer experience:

  • Healthcare: Cellular technology is being used in the healthcare industry to make better use of limited resources, improve the productivity of surgical staff and enhance the overall patient experience. Because of 5G’s lower latency and larger bandwidth, surgeons will be able to monitor patients and operate remotely using robotic applications.

Such networks enable delivering an improved virtual consultation and adding a personal touch by connecting on a live face-to-face video call. As a result, hospitals can lower their overall costs by accommodating larger patients and quickly discharging other patients in recovery to monitor their vitals remotely.

Flexible video call api for every use case
  • Retail: Following the surge in online orders in the last two years, many retailers are working to create true omnichannel shopping experiences. And while communications technology plays a key role here, 5G will significantly impact accelerating this transformation.

5G enables retailers to deliver highly personalized shopping experiences using AI chatbots and customer data platforms. These solutions allow businesses to automate customer engagement, recognize customer trends, personalize CX and provide real-time data insights.

mms messaging personal shopper

In fact, 89% of retailers rely on technology to improve customer experience, and 96% invest in technology to improve operational efficiencies, according to the ‘2020-The future of retail technology‘ report

  • Automotive: Wireless technology can assist streetlights, signals, and other public safety applications by allowing changes in patterns depending on real-time occurrences or AI models.

Again, 5G’s low latency, speed, and capacity make it an ideal choice for transportation innovation. Autonomous vehicles, which process information in real-time using AI, machine learning, and analytics, can communicate over this network to automatically modify speeds in response to changing road conditions or increased traffic.

Next-generation experiences need next-generation networks

Today, Mobile Network Operators are still far away from this new business model enabled by 5G. Major changes are required from both the MNO and the industry players to capture the opportunities that drive value.

As leaders in omnichannel cloud communication, we can help operators utilize the full potential of 5G and connect businesses with customers through frictionless interactions.

Together, let us leverage the power of 5G to imagine, create, and transform the customer experience for future generations.

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Jun 3rd, 2022
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Content Manager

Razan Saleh

Content Manager