Improve CX in healthcare with an integrated cloud communications approach

The customer experience (CX) has evolved drastically over the past few years, with many businesses embracing digital solutions in their engagement strategies. Businesses had to transform their strategies to meet their customers online, on apps, and through a variety of instant messaging solutions.

The healthcare industry also joined in on this trend, but many decision-makers are yet to implement forward-thinking solutions to maximize effective engagement and ROI.

As a matter of fact, recent study by Deloitte found that customer experience has risen to the top priority among healthcare executives. Participants in the study highlighted numerous challenges in improving their customer experience strategies, and in these challenges lie many opportunities.

Some of these opportunities include:

  • Tailoring digital solutions to improve customer engagement;
  • Determining communication preferences to customize customer engagement;
  • Securing loyalty, as patients have more choices on where to get their care;
  • Matching digital offerings with the right customers;
  • Understanding how to communicate in an in-person and virtual world

There is a common thread throughout these opportunities: A need to deliver personalized, consistent communications throughout the customer journey – especially in our ‘anytime, anywhere, any channel’ world. It’s harder still for businesses to manage data and communications across disparate platforms, providers, and systems. 

What if there was a better way to cultivate, build and maintain experiences that resonate on a personal level and increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)? With an integrated, omnichannel approach, healthcare businesses can be there for patients and customers every step of the way. And the easiest path to automate and deliver richer, more profitable journeys is with a single cloud communications platform. 

Delight healthcare clients throughout the engagement lifecycle

Exceptional engagement that wins lasting loyalty doesn’t come from a single interaction. Businesses need to attract attention with ongoing personalized, relevant interactions at all the critical stages of the customer journey, including:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Deliveries
  • Support
  • Authentication and security confirmation

These touchpoints throughout the engagement lifecycle offer opportunities to remove barriers, improve experiences, and create meaningful connections.

Getting to know your customer starts with marketing when you’re introducing leads and prospects to your business for the first time. Here, teams equipped with tools that help them track and manage interactions as they happen can react fast to evolving consumer needs. They can use rich customer profiles to create customized engagements for each lead and move them along the funnel to sales, on whichever channel prospects prefer. 

Delivery is a critical chance to fulfill customer needs and an increasingly challenging, competitive space. SMS and MMS alerts are an ideal way to be responsive, for example, by delivering live tracking information to customers’ mobile devices.

The longer-term engagement journey continues with support. Here, automation helps answer questions and resolve issues, using centralized data and analytics to route queries to the right agents on the right channels.

And, of course, consumers want to feel safe and know that their data is protected throughout the journey. Businesses can eliminate friction during onboarding and account login moments by offering secure, fast authentication that improves experience and engagement.  The right omnichannel cloud contact center solution will make it easy to communicate more effectively in all the ways consumers want to be in contact at each of these touchpoints – and the many other interactions throughout the entire customer lifecycle. 

Taking healthcare CX to the cloud

Bringing every interaction together in one platform enables businesses to connect the dots between all their online and offline sources. Combined data from these disparate places can trigger automated interactions and deliver in-depth insights that lead to incredible customer journeys.

To achieve this, more and more enterprises are moving their communications strategies to the cloud – shifting from disjointed and reactive customer service to informed, proactive, and intuitive engagement. They’re using data to deliver seamless experiences wherever customers are.  It can feel daunting to transition to cloud tech. There’s all that information to transfer, various set-up processes to get through, and teams to onboard. But it’s much easier than one might think to automate the entire healthcare customer journey when you have the right tools and support. A single, customizable cloud platform empowers you to design, program, and deliver engagements that create value for customers, agents, and businesses. 

Better experiences for healthcare customers and agents

A unified platform gives agents a single view of the customer across channels and touchpoints, equipping them to build solid and lasting relationships at every opportunity.

A customizable cloud platform can create a simple workspace for customer support teams. Access to an easy-to-use, intuitive interface means agents can view customer histories at a click and set up workflows to automate repetitive daily tasks – freeing them up to do value-add work. Moving from ‘problem’ to ‘resolution’ faster, and switching the dial from problem-solving to nurturing valuable relationships, is enormous for CLV. 

Providing omnichannel communication from one platform doesn’t just make conversations easier to manage – they also become easier to measure. Businesses gain a clear overview of each agent and channel’s performance metrics. Drawing on this, they can continuously monitor, adjust, and optimize journeys, pivoting across mobile, email, and all the channels customers use to attract, engage and delight them wherever they are.

Lasting loyalty translates to long-term benefits

A positive CLV is ultimately about keeping your customers satisfied, happy, and loyal. Moving your communications strategy to the cloud and combining all customer interactions via one platform is the most effective way to do this. A single platform approach becomes the launchpad to building CLV – helping you make relationships more robust, longer, and more profitable over time.

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Oct 31st, 2022
4 min read