Partnership Program 101 – Part Two: Solve Communications Budgeting with Flexible Account Creation

In our previous entry, we discussed how white label solutions can help you cut costs, get to market faster and optimize your business processes. By adding subaccounts management to the mix, you can go that extra mile and gain complete control of your messaging expenses.

Communications control for enterprises

For years, enterprises around the world have played a huge part in our success story. The one thing we learned from this is that cost control and flexibility are the two biggest factors in effective communications management for large-scale companies.

As an enterprise, your communications programs might be oriented internally or externally, but they likely involve multiple departments, branches or subsidiaries. Marketing might be in charge of outbound loyalty programs using SMS while Human Resources need to send employee of the month newsletters using email. Your branch in San Francisco might need a bigger budget for their mobile marketing activities. And you need to control all of it.

Easily allocate budgets with subaccounts

This is why subaccount creation and management should be one of the most important features to focus on when choosing a white label messaging solution. Even if you’re starting out small, as you scale up you’ll probably need to broaden the scope of company communications. When you do, running cost control and overviewing communication activities will become a hassle without extensible options to manage it all.

The easiest way to maintain a quick overview of company communication profiles that use white labeled solution to communicate is the ability to create subaccounts. These allow you to precisely define and control the budget for any given department or subsidiary. With adaptable billing, you get full control of budget allocation and cost transparency for every subaccount. You also need to monitor the day-to-day activity to gain a complete overview of communication effectiveness for individual subaccounts. This makes for a completely transparent overview and eases your way through audits.

Solving scale with unlimited options

Let’s get back to scale. When building the Infobip Portal to meet every enterprise communications need, scale was obviously a big thing. Eventually, you’ll need to grow, so it’s important for your communications to grow with you. We’ve enabled the option to create a virtually unlimited number of subaccounts, so you never have to worry about scale when adding communication options to departments.

Powered by the industry-leading messaging platform, our partnership program serves thousands of companies, providing connectivity to over 800 MNO networks in 190 countries, so that when you open a new branch anywhere in the world, your lines of communications are already open.

Like we mentioned in Part 1, a technology partnership is about more than just using a top-notch white label solution to run your own messaging. You’ll want to fully leverage the expertise of your solution provider. Education, solution onboarding and a fully-customized reseller plan tailored to your business objectives are all a part of an effective partnership program through its entire lifecycle. Expert support for any type of request should be available on-hand, keeping your traffic running smoothly.

In the end, the key to any good communications partnership is flexibility. Make sure your partnership program boosts your time-to-market and continuously supports your needs with new features, all along scaling alongside your business needs.

Mar 19th, 2017
3 min read