Partnership Program 101 – Part One: Why Choose a White Label Solution

From small enterprises and startups to multi-nationals, everyone is looking for ways to more effectively engage with their customers. You might be tempted to use existing resources and build your own communication tools, but ask yourself, does that really make sense for your business?

If your business revolves around communications, it makes perfect sense. However, even then, building your own solutions can be tricky. In this first part of our partnership program series, we list the top reasons why you should consider finding a white label solution provider able to address your business needs.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

There are so many communication solutions and options to choose from, and building a solution from scratch to meet your exact needs is a tremendous challenge.

We live in an intertwined world of interdependent businesses. Businesses can’t exist alone in a bubble, they rely on trusted partners to power parts of their business outside of their core competencies. Building things outside these could derail product development, or could simply cost too much money or manpower to build on your own. Ask yourself, why dedicate resources to gain knowledge and skills outside your business’s core mission?

Why distract people from driving your business when ready-made solutions are available on the market—solutions built by experts in that field.

Take Infobip as an example. If you want to connect to 800+ mobile operator networks around the world to deliver your business communications, it’s a good idea to find an experienced partner that already has trusted relationships with these operators. Trust us when we say building that kind of extensive network has been no small feat. It’s not something you want to try to build yourself. When you reinvent the wheel, you’re choosing not to leverage our expertise and risk hitting all the roadblocks and making all the mistakes we’ve already figured out.

Speed up Time-to-Market

Time-to-Market is today’s big currency. All that matters is being first. In the time you spend developing the things that aren’t your product, competitors could leap ahead of you and potential customers, become lost opportunities. For example, while you’re developing customer communication systems, you could already be sending out engaging campaigns and having actual conversations with your users.

Your customers stay connected with you because they get something out of the relationship. It’s all about you and your product. Now imagine if you had an exciting new product or feature ready to hit the market, but no way of engaging users with your mobile app to purchase that new product? Should you delay the launch until you build that capability in house? No, that’s a waste of resources. By using a white label solution, you get the tools you need and an improved conversion path for your users without waiting.

Having your cake and eating it, too

Good white label products are customizable. Add your logo, colors, and branding giving the product the look and feel of your company. You make it your own and your users will trust it because it looks like it’s just another of the services you offer.

Meanwhile, your white label partner will keep improving the service’s capabilities, giving you even more value in the long run. You can then focus on building capabilities for your core business—even if you plan on creating your own solution later on (see Dropbox and Amazon Web Services as an example).

This is why it’s key to choose a solution has all the capabilities and services you need for your business—especially if you don’t have a lot of developer resources available for custom solutions. For example omni channel communications, besides sending out engaging campaigns over multiple channels you’ll need transparent insight into expenses, campaign effectiveness metrics, and actionable user behavior data. When we were building the Infobip Portal, we recognized that clients and partners needed complete, transparent insight into messaging performance. All from one, user-friendly web interface to run your mobile campaigns.

Go beyond look and feel

Really, white labeling should be about more than just adding your branding to a solution. When you’re choosing a white label product, you should be able to leverage all the expertise your solution provider has to offer. From expert support and onboarding for the service to support for the entire end-customer lifecycle and easing the burden on your existing resources to having skilled specialists to help with customers issues with the solution, these are the hallmarks of a good turnkey white label program.

These are a few of the most compelling reasons why you should consider a white label solution to offer a product or service without investing in infrastructure, technology and manpower needed to build your own solution. Still not convinced? Try the Infobip Portal for your business communications. Leave the messaging to us, and keep making great products.

Oct 27th, 2016
4 min read