Shifting Trends in Evaluating SMS Firewall Propositions

SMS firewalls are a crucial component in establishing a proper A2P SMS monetization strategy, providing mobile operators with network analysis and protection capabilities to ensure only properly billed incoming messages are accepted and delivered.

The need for SMS firewalls has spawned numerous providers, giving mobile operators a range of vendors and value propositions to choose from, but at the same time also complicating the selection process.

The usual approach employed by mobile operators includes the comparison of firewall functionalities, assessment of financial terms offered by each vendor and estimating the size of A2P SMS bypass problem. While all of this presents a logical first step, we would like to advocate a slightly different approach.

Current SMS firewall trends

One of the prevailing current trends is that firewalls and A2P monetization solutions come at no CAPEX for the mobile operator, making a typical vendor evaluation process moot, as there’s no value to compare. Some operators will simply take this element out of the equation and continue with the evaluation process, comparing technical functionalities and examining the financial terms of the solution. But all things being equal, what is the differentiator that tips the scales in favor of one or the other vendor?

Protecting the network from A2P SMS bypass is only one facet of the entire ecosystem. The right partner to mobile operators can not only help monetize capacities, but also create value in the process. The capability to create traffic depends on the provider’s technical and operational capacity to address and create the need for A2P SMS services across entire opportunity landscape.

A new angle

For Infobip, the capability to address A2P SMS potentials only starts with SMS firewall deployment and additional value is added by addressing opportunities on all levels, not just the basic ones. These include the SMS firewall positioning, services monitored, blocking capabilities, monetization focus and timelines, as well as ecosystem management.

Through this holistic approach, Infobip brings value not only by providing a cutting edge technical solution for the A2P SMS bypass problem, but also by implementing a long term A2P SMS growth strategy across multiple verticals. Our global presence and client base are continuously growing, building the ecosystem and generating opportunities for mobile operators that alternative vendors cannot. With a strong consultant staff and technology that can support operators’ strategies in any segment, we optimize the existing ecosystem to maximize A2P SMS yields.

Blog post by Amir Babovic, Director Operator Strategy and Partnerships, [email protected]

Mar 18th, 2016
2 min read