Taking Omnichannel to the Next Level with Infobip and Microsoft

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Tomislav Krevzelj

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Sometimes an already amazing tool is enhanced when combined with another technology. Take the wheel, for instance – it’s a fantastic mobility tool. But combine it with a pulley and lever, and you get a bicycle. Which will get you further, faster than just a wheel on its own.

It’s just like combining Infobip’s omnichannel solutions with Microsoft tools – you unlock capabilities to take your communication further, faster.

But first…

What does omnichannel mean?

Simply put, having omnichannel capability means you can use all your channels as one. This means you can have conversations with customers over multiple channels – without repetition.

For example, a customer might contact you on WhatsApp one day, and over SMS the next. Having omnichannel capability means you view these messages over different channels as a single channel of communication with one customer.

This is also called a connected customer journey.

Connected customer journeys are important now more than ever – because, thanks to mobile, customers are connected now, more than ever before. And customers don’t want to be receiving the same messages across different channels. Seeing the same thing over and over leads to fatigue – and this can cause them to disconnect from your brand.

You want every touchpoint with your customers to create new value for them. This keeps them excited about interacting with you and your brand, resulting in happier, more loyal customers.

A connected customer journey also helps guide your customers towards a conversion, however you define conversions – resulting in more efficient business doing on your part.

How to create connected customer journeys

Omnichannel solutions are a means to building connected customer journeys. Just like a wheel needs a lever and pulley to turn into a bicycle, so do omnichannel solutions need tools to unlock their ultimate form.

One way is by combining Infobip omnichannel solutions with powerful tools, such as Microsoft Azure, Bot Framework, or Dynamics 365 Marketing. These combinations unlock omnichannel marketing automation and always-on support capabilities, to help you create truly connected customer journeys.

Here’s how:

Infobip and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Creating new value at each step of their customer journey with relevant messaging is easy and can be done at scale with the right marketing automation tools.

Using Dynamics 365 Marketing together with Infobip’s omnichannel solutions is the way to send relevant messaging your customers value.

Want to remind a customer they’ve left something in their online shopping cart? Send them a Viber message with a link to their basket and maybe even a discount code. Have they purchase the item? Congrats! Send them an SMS to let them know once the item has been dispatched for shipping, and use this channel to keep them updated until their package arrives at their door.

Send birthday greetings and discounts, and track how customers engage with these on either channel.

Or, send clients important reminders to make sure they’re on-time for their appointments, or let them reschedule to make sure you keep their business.

The possibilities are vast and applicable to businesses of any type or size.

Infobip and Microsoft Bot Framework

In business, it’s common knowledge that it’s 5x cheaper to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Because of this, customer journeys shouldn’t end with your first conversion. Excellent customer support is a key component of extending your relationship.

And providing excellent customer support is easy when you know that most customers just want fast answers. You can give customers the fast answers they’re looking for with always-on support provided by chatbots.

Combining Microsoft Bot Framework with Infobip omnichannel solutions is how you can create chatbots for the connected customer journey.

Chatbots can provide customers with instant answers to frequently asked questions that don’t require the input of a human agent. This has the added benefit of freeing up human agents to handle more complex customer support queries, while chatbots provide account information or helpful guidance in a flash.

Customers can interact with chatbots either conversationally (AI chatbots), or via an options menu (keyword chatbots) over their desired channel – WhatsApp, Viber, or SMS.

This is an integral part of the connected customer journey, since customer support enquiries contribute to building up rich customer profiles. The more data your customer profiles have, the more detailed and relevant your customer communication is.

Infobip and Microsoft Azure

To create a fully connected customer journey, you want everything in one place – and this is what you get with Azure. This includes cloud contact center capability, chatbots, and marketing automation – on all channels.

By integrating Infobip and Microsoft Azure you have all the solutions at your disposal to provide complete connected customer journeys.

Omnichannel marketing automation allows you to engage with your customers using the right messages over the right channels at the right times. Create flows that target customers at exactly the right points of their customer journeys. Customers appreciate timely messaging like this, since it provides them the guidance they would otherwise need to ask for.

When it is time for customers to ask for any assistance, having a cloud contact center with chatbot support is crucial.

Chatbots provide instant support to customers, as well as to agents by taking care of the simpler queries. Customers get fast answers, agents handle more rewarding and fewer repetitive tasks – resulting in improved customer as well as agent satisfaction levels.

In an omnichannel cloud contact center, agents also have access to full conversation history across all channels. This helps agents:

  • Seamlessly take over queries chatbots aren’t programmed to handle
  • Detect repeat issues and provide faster resolution
  • Offer complimentary products or services for more cross and upsell opportunities

Combining these solutions is how you can engage and support customers at every step of their journey, seamlessly, across all channels. This is the ultimate level of leveraging omnichannel solutions for the connected customer journey.

How to integrate Infobip omnichannel solutions with Microsoft

Creating connected customer journeys is made easy thanks to the partnership between Infobip and Microsoft. The tools you need to engage with and the channels you need to engage over are made available to you in one place with one simple integration.

You can start wowing your customers and guiding them through exciting journeys, providing value at every step of the way.

Mar 23rd, 2021
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Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Tomislav Krevzelj

Senior Content Marketing Specialist