What We Look for in an Interview

Congratulations, you’ve gotten an interview with Infobip! Now comes the big question, what are we looking for when we interview someone? What is it that will make you stand out from the crowd? Simply, we’re on the lookout for the same skills and values that brought us to where we are now: expertise, knowledge, team spirit, self-motivation, passion, proactivity, and a cultural fit.

EXPERTISE AND KNOWLEDGE – In order to hire the best talent, we look at a candidate’s professional background and knowledge. We look for someone who has a variety of strengths, skills and passions, and try to ensure that they aren’t just the right candidate for the job, but also the right person for that job. Looking at whether or not someone would be successful in a particular role is important both for the candidate and the company.

TEAM SPIRIT – We are looking for smart, team-oriented people who strongly believe that working as a team really means 2 + 2 = 5 – and that changes the world. We want people who are hungry for an opportunity to implement their best ideas, show their value to the group, and have a strong impact on projects and company as a whole. Infobip started as a startup with just 2 employees, two friends with a great idea, and that approach led us to becoming a global leader with 850+ employees around the world. Team spirit has been essential in creating the company and remains the biggest secret of our success.

SELF-MOTIVATION – Strong intrinsic motivation is what characterizes all of our potential colleagues—a sense of achievement, responsibility, job satisfaction, purpose, involvement, empowerment, and ownership—all the things that make you feel that what you’re doing makes a difference in your life and in the organization itself. To motivate others, you yourself have to be motivated – it’s yet another thing that sets Infobip employees apart.

PASSION – Enthusiasm and passion are contagious – we are looking for people who are doing things with soul. We believe that people with passion make all the difference in the world, we want people who love what they do and do what they love.

ADAPTABILITY – We look for colleagues who can adapt to a rapidly changing environment and can keep delivering results. We need employees who can handle when long-term plans must be abandoned in order to meet immediate needs. We also look for people who are decisive and willing to do the work now; people who take careful, thoughtful steps in order to choose the appropriate path. Imagine any startup without proactive employees trying to become a global leader. It just doesn’t work.

CULTURAL FIT – We’ll try to get a sense of your personality during the interview. Finding people who are a good fit profoundly impacts our happiness and productivity in the workplace. The happier and more fulfilled people there are, the stronger our bond becomes. A person who is a cultural fit for Infobip has a progressive mindset and is ready to face all the challenges our daily workload entails.

Dec 28th, 2016
3 min read