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2-Way SMS App Up and Running with Zendesk Integration

2-Way SMS App Up and Running with Zendesk Integration

Infobip's 2-Way SMS messaging app is now available on Zendesk, Inc.'s leading cloud-based customer service software platform.

We’re excited to announce that Infobip’s 2-way SMS messaging app is now available on Zendesk, Inc.’s leading cloud-based customer service software platform, currently trusted by 45 000+ companies.

Zendesk helps organizations manage customer service through ticket management systems, integrated live chat, built-in phone support, and analytics. All the components are based in the cloud, easy to integrate and start using, offered to companies through a large app marketplace that constantly showcases new items.

With Infobip’s full capacity now added to Zendesk’s software options, a powerful SMS channel has opened up for companies to carry their critical customer communications over mobile phones.

Directly from our Zendesk app, companies can choose a preferred phone number and set specific actions to occur when someone sends a message to that number. The entire ticketing logic and user feedback 2-Way features are enabled as soon as the app has been authorized to perform read and write actions on any Zendesk instance.

In practice this means that creation of tickets can be triggered by incoming SMS messages. Customers can text businesses with queries or support requests, and the communication can be smoothly integrated into the ticketing system for further handling.

Additionally, customers can check the status of their tickets or give feedback by texting to a given number. Businesses can easily obtain numbers over Infobip’s user friendly SMS app.

The integration also allows SMS notifications to be created by any of the Zendesk triggers, enabling real-time interaction and taking customer communications to new levels of convenience. For example, both customers and support agents can get automatic SMS alerts whenever support tickets are created or updated. Additionally, tickets can be updated at any time via text message.

With 300+ mobile operator partnerships and 34 offices on 6 continents, Infobip provides the highest quality SMS messaging services and infrastructure to some of the world’s largest internet and technology companies, messaging aggregators, banks, brands and developers.

Closely connected with telecoms, Infobip’s messaging technologies serve 150 000 business accounts, enabling them to reach over 6 billion mobile phones all over the world through a single partner.

We’re pleased to have Infobip’s global SMS messaging capabilities easily available for our Zendesk users. The functionality the new Infobip 2-way SMS app brings to Zendesk is something that our users have consistently asked for and opens up a new communication channel on the Zendesk platform with coverage we’ve not had before. Having excellent technologies for global delivery easily available from the cloud is a worthy addition to Zendesk.

Eric Shen – Zendesk Partnerships & Integrations Manager